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Volume 5539


When Tarzan bade farewell to Lenida, after the circus lion tamer had been hailed as the goddess of the Al-Alba tribe, he was heading through vast jungle spaces toward his estate in Uziri. That night he swung himself into the high fork of a tree to sleep. When he awoke, he stood up in amazement. His hunting knife, his bow and arrows and his lasso -- were all gone. Not since he had been marooned upon the African coast when he was put ashore from the Kincaid had Tarzan been without his weapons in the jungle, and this time. . .

All that day he hunted until he came to a cliff of jutting rock and then he fore off a sharp sliver to make the rudiments of a knife. In the blaze the thrust his stone knife, starting the tedious operation of superheating and moistening it until there might be a keep edge to the blade. As he worked, fierce bloodshot eyes glared from beneath shaggy overhanging brows at him. And only the flames held back sheeta the panther from leaping at the ape-man. Danger stalked him in the jungle, but Tarzan preferred it to the ease of his home in London, where, as Lord Greystoke, everything was done for his comfort. Now as his weapon was ready, he shouted in triumph through the jungle silences, as if in challenge to unseen enemies. Then from the treetops flashed one of Tarzan's own arrows and plunged into the ground at his feet. . .  Who was it that dared to steal his weapons from the Lord of the Jungle as he slept -- and then to attack him in the night?

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