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Volume 5538


Since they were cubs, new to captivity, La Belle Lenida had trained her lions. Now she was called upon to save her own life by demonstrating her magic control over these beasts that she had brought back to the jungle. As the savages gathered in a circle to watch her, Tarzan recalled the first night he had seen her with her trained lions in a French provincial circus. Now with Tarzan's aid, she performed the same act in the jungle.

"Next you will see her put her head into numa's mouth," said Tarzan.

A shudder went through the lion tamer as she was called upon to perform this action, for it was when she had put her head in the red lion's mouth at the circus that the great beast had struck. But now numa was as gentle with her as a puppy.

"You say this woman is not brave!" Tarzan exclaimed. "Is there one of you who dares like her to put his head between numa's gaping jaws?"

"I am brave, braver than all women!" cried the warrior Mumkivro. "I will dare what she will dare."

But as the fearless warrior knelt. . .  numa struck!

And so Tarzan made the savages recognize Lenida as braver than their bravest. They had seen the power of her magic as she saved the great warrior Mumkivro from the lion's jaws. They had seen her make numa and sabor obey like children. And now they hailed her as a new goddess and knelt before her to pay her homage.

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