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Volume 5536

A CRY IN THE WILDS ~ 1932.05.22
Superb, majestic, stood sabor, the lioness, guarding her cubs. Down wind had come the man scent and sabor was alert to danger. But she had not seen hunters aiming at her from ambush. She was never to see them. Their expert shots ended her life. What the huntsmen wanted were her cubs. The beasts were sold to La Belle Lenida, the great lion tamer. Trained for the circus, they never knew the perils of the jungle. But now Lenida had given their freedom back to them and they ventured into their native wilds with Tarzan watching them from the trees above. From a great distance came a drum like sound. It was Bolgani, the gorilla, beating a loud tattoo upon his chest as a challenge to battle. Tarzan quivered as his keen ears heard the noise. The lions, untrained in jungle life, took no notice. But when bolgani was overcome in battle and Toog the great ape, uttered the weird and terrible cry of the bull ape at the kill. . . the circus lions fled. Panic stricken by the unknown terror. They fled back to the woman who had offered them their freedom. By the time Tarzan arrived, the lions had sought the safe comfort of their cage.

"They'll want their food soon," said Lenida.

"Then I will hunt for them," said Tarzan.

Swinging through the trees, Tarzan trailed horta the boar. He had hurled his unerring noose. . .  and had the boar halfway up to him when he suddenly dropped the noose and his prey with it. Through the jungle had come to him the wild scream of a frightened woman.

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