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Volume 5535

Swiftly did Tarzan strike. Then he hurled the black warrior to his comrades in the canoe below. The Al-Alba tribesmen fled in terror of the ape-man and of the ferocious lions that the woman in the black mask had unleashed upon them. Then she called the two beasts to her and they obeyed like well-trained dogs.

"Again you have saved my life," the woman said. And Tarzan recalled the scene in the French provincial circus, when the great red lion had attacked his tamer, La Belle Lenida. . .  and when Tarzan, himself, had sprung from the audience to rescue her and to kill numa in a desperate fight.

"My face was destroyed," Lenida said, "so I swore no living person would ever look upon it again. It was a judgment upon me for imprisoning wild beasts and I made a vow to return my lions to the jungles."

So, when the boat reached the last outpost on the Gumwi River, the caged beasts were carried ashore. Deep into the jungle Tarzan led the little procession and then the blacks were dismissed. When the blacks had gone afar off, Lenida opened the cage to give jungle freedom to her beloved beasts. But as the lions wandered forth, Tarzan swung into the trees to trail them. He wanted to see how these beasts, raised in captivity, would face the unknown perils of their native wilds.

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