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Volume 5533

As Tarzan dashed into the circus ring, the great red lion stood above Lenida, ready to strike again. But before the death blow could reach its goal, Tarzan leaped for the great cat's back. Numa leaped high in the air, seeking to shake off his fierce antagonist. When he tried to turn and bite, the lion found a steel-muscled hand throttling his windpipe. With his free hand, Tarzan reached for his knife -- the weapon that was almost the sole heritage he had received from his father in the jungle -- a weapon he always carried with him. Again and again the keen edged knife stuck into the lunging beast, which began to sway dizzily while the ape-man increased the ferocity of his attack. Numa lurched and fell lifeless. Then resounded through the arena a cry more blood-freezing than that of any of the beasts. At the sound of it people were frozen in horror or driven to near madness through sheer terror. It was Tarzan uttering the victory cry of the bull ape at the kill. Amid the frenzied turmoil that followed, Tarzan disappeared, running wildly, running like a beast pursued by the hounds of civilization. Not until he had swung himself into the trees of the city park was he again in control of himself -- again he was realizing that his real home had ever to be among the trees -- far off in the jungles.

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