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Volume 5532

THE LION TAMER ~ 1932.04.24
Tarzan, close in spirit to all wild beasts, bitterly resented the caging of animals but when he lived in civilization as Lord Greystoke, he frequently sought their companionship. He might often be seen talking to the apes at the zoo... and he always prowled around the cages at the circus, feeling that he too was caged by the bars of civilized life. One night when the famous lion tamer Lenida was doing her act in a provincial city of France, Tarzan was watching her from a ringside box. That afternoon when the circus was at a railroad siding, lightning had struck the car in which the lions were caged. The cage caught on fire and the lions fought furiously to escape as the flames licked their feet. The flames were put out, but for the rest of the day the beasts were in a ferocious mood, attacking even their faithful keeper when he came to feed them. Their constant roars spread fear; so that, before Lenida went on that night at the circus, the manager pleaded with her not to attempt that part of her act where she put her head between the red lion's jaws. But, supremely confident of her power, the great Lenida had appeared in the ring. When she attempted to put her head between the red lion's jaws. . .  the great beast struck! Then Tarzan leaped into the arena!

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