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Volume 5527

A LOST LEADER ~  1932.03.20
After their retreat from the ferocity of Tarzan and the apes, the warriors of Al-Alba sought a scapegoat for their failure and turned upon the witch doctor.

"Go, Mumkimvro," the chief elder commanded. "Find the high priestess. The gods are angry with us for turning against her. Return to her her sceptre and give her the magic balm for her wounds.

But Hulvia had given up hope of life. "I have only one wish before I die," she told Tarzan, "and that is to see once more the sea  to which I belong."

In a litter they bore her through the jungle until at length they came to the last outpost of the old trading company at the head of the Gumwi River. At the sight of the habitations of man, the apes grew restless and afraid, and Tarzan sent them back into the wilds form which they had come.

And there Mumkimvro found the high priestess, abed at the company shack. She accepted the magic balm but rejected the sceptre. "Return to your people," she commanded. "They shall see me no more."

Down the river toward the sea, Tarzan and Tom Barry took Hulvia, who had been high priestess of the Al-Alba tribe. As they reached the seashore Hulvia rose and walked over the sands, exultant. Whether it was the sea air or the magic of the balm, the daughter of the Vikings was well again. Tarzan conducted her and Barry to an old French mission. And there, in the little chapel, they were made man and wife.

Meanwhile, the misfortunes of the Al-Alba tribe had convinced them they could not survive without their "White Priestess." And the warriors with spear on high, swore an oath that, though every warrior died, Hulvia must be captured and returned to the tribe.


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