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Volume 5526

A WOUNDED GODDESS ~  1932.03.13
The sudden ferocity of Tarzan's attack scattered the savages and the ape-man cut the bonds that held the prisoners. Hulvia and Tom Barry seized the weapons that the savages had dropped in panic.

"Follow me!" cried Tarzan, and he led the way to the jungle.

"Hold on! Hulvia's wounded!" Barry shouted.

Tarzan took her and swung with her high into a tree. Barry clambered up after them.

"We're followed," said Tarzan. "Hold her and bind her wounds while I fight them off."

But the savages refused to attack. Time was on their side. They were content to wait for darkness. And then . . .

It was now after sunset. Tom Barry was murmuring to Hulvia, "Don't you think Mrs. Barry sounds like a grand old name?" When Usha, the wind brought a familiar scent to the keen nostrils of Tarzan.

As the cry of a bull ape rang through the forest even the black savages shuddered. But the moment had come for their night attack. "Kill!" cried the witch doctor.

Then, in response to Tarzan's call, through the trees came the great apes!


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