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Volume 5520

THE BLACK PIT! ~ 32.01.31
Members of a pigmy tribe seek Tarzan in the jungle. They ask his aid against a fierce tribe of warrior blacks. "Unless you help us," they say, "our tribe soon will be no more." They rush to the Lord of the Jungle for protection. A lookout for the warrior tribe sees Tarzan as he leads the pigmies through the jungle. The signal drum booms through the forest, reporting the advance of Tarzan. Summoned by the drum, the warriors of the black tribe seek their tiny enemies, hoping to crush them in a surprise attack. 

Realizing that he and his allies are badly outnumbered, Tarzan puts the pigmies to work digging a deep pit and, when it is completed, he cunningly conceals the opening by grass, boughs, and underbrush. Bidding the pigmies wait on the other side of the trap, Tarzan advances into the enemy territory. The black warriors greet him with howls of rage. Pretending to retreat, Tarzan draws the black warriors behind him. With a mighty jump, the ape man clears the hidden pit. The black warriors rush headlong into the trap. The pigmies return to their village in safety. The pigmies shower the ape man with thanks, but he waves them aside, for it is only just for the strong to protect the weak.


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