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Volume 5519

THE BABY OF THE APES! ~ 1932.01.24
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, watches the ape tribe as its members cross a jungle stream. Among the apes is Mala, carrying her baby in her arms. In crossing the vines over the stream she treads on the ape ahead of her. He turns, snarling, and in her fright Mala drops her babu. The baby ape strikes the water, uttering weird cries of fright. . . and the ape man, who has seen the accident, dives! Gimla, the crocodile, and Tarzan race through the water for the drowning child ape. The ape man reaches the babu and races for the shore. In the race for life with the crocodile, the ape man outdistances his attacker. Memories of his youth stir the ape man as he looks at the ape baby in his arms. But the ape child stares at the unknown man in great terror. When the ape man's arms relax, the babu, frightened at this, attempts to escape. The panther sees the defenseless baby ape. He poises for his spring. But the keen eyes of the ape man see the panther, and he leaps into the path of the attack. The panther falls before the Lord of the Jungle. Tarzan catches the balu and takes it to its mother.

"Here, Mala," he tells the ape mother, "In the future guard over it well, as Kala, my ape mother, guarded over me."



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