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Volume 5518

ABOARD A SLAVE SHIP ~ 1932.01.17
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, swings through the trees of the forest, suddenly he halts. He has seen a strange ship at anchor. . . and . . . men of the jungle being led into a life of torture by Moorish slavers. Swiftly the ape man quits the shelter of the jungle, dives into the sea, and swims toward the sinister craft. Unobserved by the crew of the slaver, Tarzan reaches the stern of the ship. Up a dangling rope he goes, hand over hand. The men of the jungle struggle against their iron bars.

"Our cages are full." Tarzan hears the men of the crew say. "Soon we will sail for Ishkib and the slave market."

The blocks rattle, the sails go up, the ship moves, and a cargo of helpless humanity is being borne away. As the ship leaves the coast, Tarzan creeps below deck on his errand of mercy. Swiftly he overpowers the guard. He takes the keys and . . . liberates the jungle men! They swarm behind the ape man as he leads them towards the deck and freedom. The blacks attack the crew and dive overboard.

"Get up!" says Tarzan, "You are free again to roam the jungle!"


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