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Volume 5514

A NOTE FROM TARZAN ~ 1931.12.20
That night Tarzan wrote a brief note to the doctor whom he had summoned to attend Burt in the hut beside the African river. Then he swung himself into the trees and disappeared into the darkness of the jungle.

When Pennock had told Tarzan that Burt was hopelessly ill with black fever, Tarzan replied, "He still lives, doesn't he? And there's a serum that will save him."

Like Bara, the deer, Tarzan sped to a seashore settlement on the West coast. There he dictated an urgent message to the radio operator. The radio message was delivered to the head of the French Bacteriological Laboratory at the African medical center. Within half an hour, a young doctor took off with a pilot in a seaplane, marking a compass course to the spot Tarzan's radiogram had indicated. Even before the fleet Tarzan could return from the seacoast, the seaplane had traversed eight hundred miles to bring serum to the fever-stricken Burt. Carefully, efficiently, the young doctor attended the sick man. The day came when Burt was well again, but on that day there was no sign of Tarzan at the camp. There was only the note he had written to the doctor. It said. . .

Congratulations, doctor for saving Burt's life. Airplanes, serums, radio and motors have brought civilization to the jungles; and with civilization whole armies of man hunters, animal hunters and treasure hunters have invaded my old domain. They are destroying the Africa I love, but there is some of it left and I am returning to it. Tell Burt and Pennock to take the treasure and to reward you handsomely. I need no funds where I go. ~~ Tarzan of the Apes

As the great seaplane carried Burt and Pennock back to civilization, Tarzan was deep in the jungle where no white man had ever penetrated. Again he was one of the leaping horde of apes in the mad dance of the Dum-Dum.

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