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Volume 5513

SAVAGE WARRIORS! ~ 1931.12.13
Heading a French rescue column, Tarzan arrives in time to save his friends, Captain D'Arnot and Lieutenant Carnot, from a life in slavery. The French soldiers raise a hoarse cheer at the sight of their liberated officers.

Back at Fort Bel-El-Abir, the Ape-Man bids his French friends goodbye. They urge him to remain.

"No," he replies, "I have work to do in the jungle."

And in the meantime. . .

Pennock and Burt, the two Americans left by the Ape-Man in the jungle, are in danger. While they have awaited his return, hardships and privations have taken their toll, and Burt lies gravely ill of fever. Men of a fierce warrior tribe stalk the unfortunate and almost defenseless Americans.

Tarzan, worried about the fate of his friends, swings swiftly toward them through the forest trees.

Like black shadows, the warriors creep on Burt and Pennock. Surprised by the black warriors, the two Americans are easy captives. But Pennock, in his struggles sets the shelter afire.

With unerring sense of direction, the Ape-Man hastens to his friends. The burning shelter is a signal to h im that there is danger ahead. Fiercely Tarzan charges the black warriors. The Ape Man's swift and deadly attack routs the tribesmen. Those who escape dive into the river and swim to safety under water.

"I am afraid you have come too late, Tarzan," Pennock tells the Ape-Man sadly. "Our companion is dying with the dread black fever."


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