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Volume 5512

By throwing dice, Abd-El-Krim and the mountain chief decide the fate of Tarzan, Captain D'Arnot and Lieutenant Carnot. Abd-El-Krim wins Tarzan as his captive and the Ape-Man is thrown on a horse to be taken to the desert village.

Almost exhausted from their hardships, the two French officers are forced to work as slaves. With Tarzan gone, they feel that their last hope has failed them.

When the desert tribesmen camp for the night Tarzan lies near the fire, apparently exhausted, but taking advantage of the inattention of his guards, he places his bound hands into a bowl of water, thus loosing the raw-hide with which he is tied. Tarzan is free! The startled guards fall before his sudden attack. Making his escape from the tribesmen under the cover of darkness, Tarzan finds himself at dawn in a strange country. Above him crouches a lion. Swift is the attack... but the Ape-Man is swifter. He side-steps, hurls the lion to the ground, and pins it there with his mighty hands. Gradually the struggle ceases. The lithe form relaxes.

Advancing across the desert is the column of French soldiers sent out from the fort to rescue Captain D'Arnot and Lieutenant Carnot.

"Quick! cries the Ape-Man as he greets the bearded sergeant. "We must hurry if we are to find our friends!"

After a forced march, Tarzan leads the soldiers to within sight of the mountain village. "Charge!" the Ape-Man cries, and with a shout the soldiers leap forward. The soldiers struggle in the village street!

Sensing defeat, the mountain chief attempts to kill his two prisoners. Just then Tarzan arrives. . .


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