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Volume 5511

A DUEL FOR LIFE! ~ 1931.11.29
After the death of Ahema, the dancing girl, Lieutenant Carnot faints from his wounds. Tarzan leaps protectingly over his body and defies the mountain chief.

"I challenge you to fight me!" the Ape-Man cries. "If I lose, my companions will be your willing slaves for life!"

Angered at Tarzan's words, and knowing himself to be an excellent swordsman, the mountain chief accepts Tarzan's challenge.

Learning of the escape of Tarzan and the dancing girl, Abd-El-Krim, Hawk of the Desert, rides in swift pursuit.

With a mighty stroke the Ape-Man disarms his opponent. "I have won!" Tarzan cries, "Command your men to release my companions!"

Treacherously, one of the mountain chief's guards springs at the victorious Ape-Man.

Abd-El-Krim and his followers reach the village.

With his back to the wall the Ape-Man fights off the fierce attack of the treacherous natives. For a moment, his betrayers have Tarzan down.

"I demand my prisoner!" the Hawk of the Desert cries.

"But he escaped from you," the mountain chief replies angrily. "He is now my prisoner."

Unable to reach an agreement, the two Moorish leaders decide to throw dice for the ownership of Tarzan.

A rescue column sets out from Fort Bek-El-Abir seeking trace of the two French officers and Tarzan.

With mingled emotions the three prisoners follow the dice. If Abd-El-Krim wins, it means they will be separated. They watch as the mountain chief throws the dice.


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