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Volume 5509

OVER DESERT SANDS ~ 1931.11.15
Tarzan, captured in his brave attempt to rescue the French officers, Captain D'Arnot and Lieutenant Carnot is in prison with them when a bodyguard of Abd-El-Krim, called the Hawk of the Desert summons them to appear before his master. Hating all Frenchmen, Abd-El-Krim bargains with a chief of a mountain tribe to sell the two French officers into slavery. The wounded young lieutenant and Captain D'Arnot are placed on the slave block. Angered at the sight of his companions' humiliation, the Ape-Man exerts his mighty strength to the utmost, as he breaks his bonds and attacks Abd-El-Krim. But the Desert Hawk's bodyguards are quick to the rescue. The two Frenchmen are sold into lifelong slavery.

As Captain D'Arnot and Lieutenant Carnot are led away, Tarzan shouts, "Courage! It's not good-bye! We will meet again... soon!"

A witness to the sale of the Frenchmen is Ahema, the prettiest of the Hawk's dancing girls. Her eyes follow the young lieutenant.

The two Frenchmen, bound and helpless, are placed on camels and carried away.

"And as for your fate," the Hawk cries to the Ape-Man, "I will put you to the torture for your attempt to kill me!"

Ahema, the dancing girl, frees Tarzan. "Quick!" she cries. "We have not a minute to spare. I have a fast camel waiting."

Thus starts the mad ride to . . .


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