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Volume 5507

34. TO THE RESCUE! ~ 1931.11.01
Rallying the mutinous soldiers, Tarzan leads them into the desert in quest of Captain D'Arnot and Lieutenant Carnot, whom he has left behind fighting off the attack of desert horsemen.

Realizing that he cannot much longer fight off the Moors, Captain D'Arnot buries the supply of good, young Lieutenant Carnot is unconscious, and Captain D'Arnot  himself almost exhausted.

The Moors attack the small French column. Weak from hunger and shaken by the force of the Moorish attack, the French soldiers waver. "It is a trap into which you have betrayed us!" shouts one of the leaders. But spurred by Tarzan's example, the desperate soldiers fight their way forward.

A stray bullet wounds Captain D'Arnot slightly, and a Moorish scout finds the two officers completely at his mercy. "Bind the infidels!" cries Abd-El-Krim, the Moorish leader, "They shall live to be slaves in the tent of the Hawk of the Desert."

Tarzan leads a ferocious charge. Daunted by the fierce attack of the French, the savage tribesmen retreat.

Reaching the place where he had left his companions, Tarzan is dismayed to find they have disappeared. The soldiers, furious because they have found no food, attack him. In the struggle Tarzan stumbles over the hidden food! The food satisfies the soldiers, but Tarzan is dismayed. What has happened to his companions?


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