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Volume 5504

31. THE BOY LIEUTENANT ~ 1931.10.11
Captain Du Fours, having sent his picked men from the fort to fight through the tribesmen's lines for supplies, fears he is sacrificing them to the clamor of the garrison, crying for food. As young Lieutenant Carnot leads the attack... his mother at home is praying for him... his fiancee is dreaming of him... The tribesmen are waiting for him. They have seen him and his men from afar and have massed for the attack. At at word from their chief, they advance to destroy the Frenchmen.

The Clash!

Only Lieutenant Carnot breaks through the Cordon. But in a moment his mount is shot form under him. Wounded himself, he staggers on toward the forest road. There, two days later, he is found by Tarzan and D'Arnot, who have come carrying the supplies for the soldiers at the fort.

"It is war," says Tarzan.

"War to the death!" cries D'Arnot.


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