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Volume 5503

30. THE LAST OUTPOST ~ 31.10.04
Bek-El-Abir, an ancient Moorish fort, now flies the tricolor of the French Republic. But for more than two months now a cordon of tribesmen has surrounded the French Garrison. The garrison has been kept in supplies every week by airplane. Only this week the plane has failed to arrive and Captain Du Fours scans the skies in vain.

Cut off from rations, the soldiers are constantly asking, “When is it that we eat?”

Captain D’Arnot’s joy in rescuing Tarzan from the apes soon gives way to brooding sadness. “The crash of my plane means starvation for the garrison at Bek-El-Abir,” he tells the Ape-Man.

“It means we can’t delay a second,” says Tarzan when he hears D’Arnot’s story. “We’ll get the supplies through on foot.” In a moment, he is in the plane, hurling packages into D’Arnot’s hands.

Burt, after the attack of Bolat, the ape, is ill with wounds and fever. Pennock is nursing him.

“We’ll have to leave you two tenderfeet here, Pennock,” Tarzan explains sadly. “It’s a choice between staying with you or saving three hundred men. Good Luck! We’ll be back.”

Fiercely clattering their mess kits, the soldiers at the garrison keep up a constant cry for food.

Captain DuFours interrupts them, commanding silence. “You’re fighting men, not babies who cry for food.” He says, “Who will volunteer to fight through the enemy lines for supplies?”

Every man in the garrison waves his hands on high and shouts, “Let’s go!”

That night a patrol under command of young Lieutenant Carnot leaves the fort to go out through the desert, where the savage tribesmen stand waiting.


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