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Frankenstein by Bernie Wrightson

Female Archer by Thomas Yeates

Tarzan art by Chris Conidis
A Great Series That The Networks Let Get Away

This is the pilot for what would have been a super series.
Starring Cheryl Rogers-Barnett (daughter of Roy and Dale)
Denny Miller - a real fan favourite featured in countless popular films and TV shows.
Our thanks to Nancy Miller for sharing this very collectible DVD with us.


Wayne James was a major researcher, archivist, and collector of all things 
Edgar Rice Burroughs. 
He and his wife Edie attended many ERB-related functions 
where they were made many friends and also tirelessly created videos of the events 
-- videos which they generously shared with fellow fans.

Wayne also was a very popular contributor to ERBzine 
and shared many of his interests with us over the years. 

Sadly, Wayne passed away far too soon. 
Edie has guarded Wayne's vast collection since his death, 
but it is too massive for her to maintain during her moves to various new residences.

We have offered to post many of the items 
from the James collection for collectors to peruse.
Edie welcomes information as to the worth of the items and 
encourages fans to make offers on items that may be of interest to them.

Edie's e-mail address is:


The ERB Collection of long-time ERB fan and ERBapa contributor --
Tony Menegazzo
 is going to auction on September 23, at 5 pm.
Tony has had many appearances in
See the newspaper story at:
Auction details are at:
Jennifer's phone # is 630-400+4391


Tarzan pin from Yugoslavia.
1960s or 1970s
From Ron de Laat

More at our ERBzine Silver Screen Series
By Guy Saville ~ August 19th, 2015
Strand Magazine
Last year, The Washington Post ran an article saying that thrillers “set in Africa are hot.” 
There have been a slew of them recently, including my own, The Afrika Reich (Henry Holt, 2013),
which was an action-packed romp set in an Africa conquered by the Nazis. 
But the thrills of African adventure have a long heritage, 
stretching back to the age of Victorian exploration. 
Here’s my choice of ten favorite titles:
Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1912) – 
Arguably the most famous of all African adventures, 
this novel went on to spawn twenty-five sequels, numerous films, and even an Oscar-winning song. 
The story is well known: Lord and Lady Greystoke die in the jungles of central Africa, 
leaving their only son to be raised by gorillas <sic>
Eventually Tarzan (meaning white skin in the primate language) becomes King of the Apes. 
Burroughs tells more than a just good story. 
He is interested in how civilization deprives us of our relationship with nature, 
and, in doing so, obscures man’s true nature.
King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard (1885) ~ Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (1899)
Beau Geste by P.C. Wren (1924) ~ The African Queen by C.S. Forester (1935)
Scoop by Evelyn Waugh (1938) ~ When the Lion Feeds by Wilbur Smith (1964)
The Wild Geese by Daniel Carney (1978) ~ Congo by Michael Crichton (1980)
The Constant Gardener by John le Carré (2001)

Illustrated Edition
Bobby Nash ~ Jamie Chase
Burroughs' 1914 pulp-fantasy epic comes to life in a heart-pounding adventure!
An heir and an inventor take their “Iron Mole” five hundred miles 
below the earth’s crust to the world of Pellucidar, 
crossing paths with the evil Mahars, the ape-like Sagoths, 
and all manner of prehistoric creatures
. . . as well as the lovely Dian the Beautiful!

* A work that helped inspire H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness!
* The limited edition hardcover with silver embossing is perfect for the family bookshelf.
Available at bookstores or online at:



A close friend of the Burroughs family

A Poem By John Allen Small

With simple words on paper
He drew a map that led me
On a pathway to adventure:
From Africa and Hell's Bend
Past the moon, Mars and Venus
To Beyond the Farthest Star
And a Land that Time Forgot
And back again.

Along the way
He introduced me to friends
Who helped teach me about
Bravery and honor;
And although they exist
Only in imagination,
Their spirits walk beside me
As I travel through this life.

It's a long, long way
From Opar to Barsoom...
But not so far
As from Kankakee to Tishomingo,
I think.

(Copyright 2015 
by John Allen Small)

Meet John Allen Small from Tishomingo, Oklahoma
John Allen Small is an award-winning newspaper journalist, columnist and broadcaster whose work has been honored by the Oklahoma Press Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Associated Press, the National Newspaper Association, and the Oklahoma Education Association. He and his wife Melissa were married in 1986; they have two sons, Joshua Orrin (born 1991) and William Ian (born 1996). Mr. Small is the News Editor and columnist for the Johnston County Capital-Democrat, a weekly newspaper headquartered in Tishomingo, OK. He obtained his nickname, "Bard of the Lesser Boulevards," from a journalism colleague - the late Phil Byrum - in recognition of the success of his popular newspaper column, "Small Talk." (In addition to the many awards the column itself has received over the years, a radio version of "Small Talk" earned an award for "Best Small Market Commentary" from the Society of Professional Journalists in 1998.) 

John was born in Oklahoma City in 1963; lived in the Bradley-Bourbonnais-Kankakee area of Illinois for most of the next 28 years (with brief sojourns in Texas and Athens, Greece, thrown in to break up the monotony); then returned to his native state in 1991, where he currently resides in the Tishomingo/Ravia area. He graduated from Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School in 1981, and received his bachelor's degree in journalism from Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais in 1991. The years between high school and college were a period frought with numerous exploits and misadventures, some of which have become the stuff of legend; nobody was hurt along the way, however, which should count for something. In addition to his professional career as a journalist he has published two short story collections: "Days Gone By: Legends And Tales Of Sipokni West" (2007), a collection of western stories; and "Something In The Air" (2011), a more eclectic collection. He was also a contributor to the 2005 Locus Award-nominated science fiction anthology "Myths For The Modern Age: Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe," edited by Win Scott Eckert. In additon he has written a stage play and a self-published cookbook; served as project editor for a book about the JFK assassination entitled "The Men On The Sixth Floor"; and has either published or posted on the Internet a number of essays, stories and poems. He has also won writing awards from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the National Library of Poetry. He is a past president of the Johnston County Chamber of Commerce in Tishomingo; was a charter member and past president of the Johnston County Reading Council, the local literacy advocacy and "friends of the library" organization; served as Johnston County's first-ever Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator in 1994-95; served two terms as chairman of the Johnston County (OK) Democratic Party; and has taught journalism classes for local Boy Scout Merit Badge Fairs. He is a member of the New Wold Newton Meteorics Society.

September is an important month for birthdays in the Burroughs family:
Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ September 1

ERB's Great Granddaughter, Dejah Ralston Burroughs
September 2

Photo collage by Dejah's sister, Llana Jane Burroughs
Another Dejah event we celebrated in ERBzine a few years back:
The Website claims that Wes Anderson is related to ERB, but not in a direct line as claimed by the Wikipedia entry. According to this information, Hollywood director Wes Anderson is the great-grandson of George Tyler Burroughs, Jr. (1866-1944), oldest son of George Tyler Burroughs, Sr. (1833-1913) and older brother of ERB. The younger George Tyler Burroughs’ son was Edgar Wales Burroughs (1892-1976) and his daughter was Texas Ann Burroughs (b. 1935), who is Wes Anderson’s mother.

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"Tarzan" and "Jane"
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Two ERB "brothers" in the film Battleship
Taylor Kitsch (John Carter) and Alexander Skarsgaard (Tarzan)

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ERB / Charles King Connection
ERB's Mentor and Commandant at the
Michigan Military Academy
King was a best-selling author
Read many of his books at:
In 1899 he led regiments in the Spanish surrender of
the Philippines and the ensuing Insurrection.
He was made Brigadier General of the 
Wisconsin National Guard in 1904 and
later helped train troops to fight in World War I.
By Captain Charles King

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