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Volume 5174
The ERBzine Biblio-Pro-Phile Series presents
Part I: 
Hardcovers ~ Paperbacks ~ Comics ~ BLBs ~ Collectibles
Confession: I've been a lifelong packrat.
Through the past 70 years we've amassed two houses full of 
family photos and antiques, Chinese art and furniture, stage clothes and instruments,
books, magazines, records, tapes, videos, comics, electronic stuff . . . and junk.

Most of these treasures are housed in the main floor and basement levels 
but there is a smaller trove of treasures that 
Sue-On, my very patient and understanding mate of 50 years,
has allowed me to move into our main and guest bedrooms: 
Our Edgar Rice Burroughs Collectibles. 

Since many of  these items are probably of some interest to readers of ERBzine, 
I'm sharing some photos of this memorabilia over a few ERBzine pages.

FIRST: In the photo above most of the ERB collection is off camera to the sides and rear. . . but. . .
There we've hung a few treasures around the bed: Hillmans and Choys carved in oak ~ original art on the floor being prepared for framing ~ the barrel of a rusted Boer War rifle ~ gunbelt from New Mexico with a German Luger repro ~ my Dad's hunting knife ~ leather music ~ tour bag from York UK ~ two wooden karate/taichi practice swords ~ Dad's sabre that he brought back from WWII mission against the Japanese in Hong Kong ~ bull whip from Mexico ~ flying fox hide from Taiwan ~ Japanese Ceremonial sword ~ Dad's WWII field glasses ~ WWII RCAF tote bag  ~ two Disney Tarzan backpacks ~ arrows in a quiver ~ Wushu martial arts T-stick ~ hand-carved chest from China . . . now, on to the ERB stuff . . .
click for larger images

Art by two of our favourite artists: J. Allen St. John and Milan Fibiger
overlook our books and this shelf of Barsoomian and Jungle toys.


Books penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs in roughly chronological order.
It is very hard to keep my ERB items fully organized as I pull out items every week
to provide fodder for our weekly and monthly Webzines and Website updates.

Sadly I've never been able to afford many first editions -- or even repro dust jackets to showcase the books.

Some of these treasures may appear a bit ratty but they are well read and well loved.

I purchased my first ERB books in the early '50s and they have all survived to this day.

The stories are remarkable but in many cases the back stories as to
how the editions found their way to these shelves are almost as entertaining . . .

. . .  every cover tells a story.

No real favourites here . . . they're all family members

Last shelf for now. . . there are many more "second stringers" elsewhere.

The Heins "work copies" ~ Odds and Sods ~ A few paperbacks

A Catch-All shelf.

A few treasures from Africa


UK 4-Square ~ Ballantine ~ Ace ~ Del Rey

Look what the 60s boom generated  ~ And a few BLBs

Great for reading on the road. . .

. . . the iPad allows these guys to stay  home a lot more now.

Some interesting German hardcovers found their way into this PB area


Tarzan the Terrible with the JCB flip motion found me in the late 1940s. . .
hooked on BLBs ever since.

I have all Mad mags up until they turned to colour and advertising.
The early Mad comics featured some great Tarzan and pulp hero parodies.

Tarzan and JC Dells and GKs

Marvel ~ DC ~ GK ~ Malibu ~ Charlton

Tarzan UKs ~ Dark Horse ~ Very early comics ~ Assorted



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