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Volume 5047

Fargo, North Dakota ~ June 19-22

Tarzan and the Golden Lion Screening
Photos by Bill and Sue-On Hillman ~ Click for full-screen photo images

Edna Murphy and James Pierce

A 2004 ERBzine Feature in Volume 0640 and Volume 0641

Editor's Note:

The majority of films from the Silent Era have been lost.
This 1927 silent Tarzan film starring James H. Pierce,
who later became ERB's son in law,
was thought lost. 
In fact, Jim Pierce spent many years 
trying to find a copy for his personal collection --
he even contacted producer Joseph Kennedy for help in this hunt 
which was unsuccessful in Pierce's lifetime.

Finally a copy of the rare film was found in France. . .
almost twenty years after Pierce's death.
The subtitles were in French, which we reproduced back in ERBzine 640 and 641.
Their translation accounts for the unusual name changes of the characters.
We have presented the English translation of the French subtitles,
which we've mirrored on this page.

I took still photos of the screen images 
while viewing Rudy Sigmund's 2014 presentation at the Fargo Theatre.
I'll present these slightly different screen captures and captions in a future project.

click for full-screen image

click for full-screen image

Mirrored from the ERBzine Silver Screen Page 0591
1. Tarzan and the golden lion. 
 2. In the middle of the jungle in a still mysterious area in equatorial Africa... 
3. was found the shelter of a bold explorer... 
4. The war tribe of the Wazari celebrated the capture of a big bear. 
5. "Where is the chief?"  "Mister Tarzan is in the jungle with the lion Jab" 
6. Explorer Lord Greystoke, who impressed the Wazari because of his boldness, was chosen as their chief and he was called Tarzan: the friend of the wild animals. 
7. Lion Jab, whom Tarzan had tamed with patience, had given him back both loyalty and obedience like a little dog. 
8. "Do you hear me? our friend Jab appeared to us as a wandering stranger, the way he looked like..." 
 9. After long years of slavery explorer John Gordon, who had succeeded in misleading the guards, who had to guard those, who were captured, wandered exhausted in the area of Tarzan. Tarzan kills the lion that attacked Gordon. 
10. "Return to that old man, and offer him your apologies..."  "Retourne pres de ce vieillard, et demande lui pardon..."  Tarzan picks up Gordon and carries him to his home. 
11. Escorted by some warriors, Lady Greystoke, accompanied with the most beloved sister of Tarzan, came to find back her husband.." 
12. Jane, Lady Greystoke; Betty Greystoke, Tarzan's sister. Jack Bradley, Tarzan's friend and mate during several expeditions through the jungle. 
13. "Don't you think, Betty, that Jack is a charming fellow?" 
14. "We won't hesitate to meet Tarzan. As far as I know him, don't be surprised, when he will appear to us in the... national dress of the Wazari". 
15. After they had ensured themselves of the rich prize Awaza, who went over from the Wazari tribe, a group of plunderers went to the house of Tarzan. 
16. Esteban Miranda, their chief; John Peebles, his lieutenant. Awaza, who once had tried to organize a revolt together with the Wazari warriors against the power of Tarzan, had been  chased away from the tribe. 
17. "The trip has been long enough for today: we will camp here". 
18. "Let us go and meet Lady Tarzan and my sister". 
19. "While we are waiting for the moment, that we can capture the riches of Mister Tarzan, here we already have a prize, which, I think, cannot be despised..." 
20. "Stay here, I'll talk to them..." 
21. "And when I raise my hand, attack..." 
22. "I made a mistake...I thought it was Tarzan..." 
23. "My honor, ladies...the jungle does not often have the honor to receive such attractive  travellers: didn't you get lost...?" 
 24. "Not at all: I am going to join my husband again. No doubt you will know him: Lord Greystoke...Tarzan." After arguing with Jack, Estaban is thrown out of camp; he has the natives attack...They cross the river and there is a lot of gunfire... Tarzan and the Waziri arrive in time and fight off the bad guys...
     Tarzan is reunited with Jane...
25. While waiting for the right moment for the plundering, that he planned, Esteban had built his camp close to Tarzan's residence". 
26. Strengthened, attended, full of confidence, Gordon told a strange story to his new friends... 
27.  (Tarzan and Jane listen to Gordon) "Ten years ago I was captured by the Tangani, people from the mountains, that adjoin the jungle..." 
28. "This temple was built above a surprising rich diamond mine, where they forced me to work together with some other prisoners..." 
29. "Here Jab..."  He is rather nervous tonight...   There sure must be foreigners quite close..." 
30. (Estaban is outside overhearing Gordon talk about diamonds)"The bag full of diamonds, that I bring with me, proves to you, that I don't exaggerate anything..." 
31. "The great priest, who had noticed, that I knew the stones, has put me into a room, where thousands of gems were collected..." 
32. "A little later I could escape through a bed of a brook, that ran dry..." 
33. "In the morning Jab was still nervous..." 
34. While he trusted the instinct of the wild animal, Tarzan got worried, called together his warriors and left for a drive... 
35. "Yesterday I heard your story about the Temple of the Diamonds.  If you love your life you'd better take me there..." 
36. "I'll take you there as a hostage: if this man will betray us, you will die first..." 
37. "On their trip, Esteban's man had sacrified one of Tarzan's favorite monkeys..." 
38. "Gobu, who has killed your brother?" 
39. "Too bad, poor Gobu would have loved to answer..." 
40. I am your friend, Gobu: his death will be avenged..." 
41. "This arrow belongs certainly to those we are looking for..." 
42. "I go after them with Jab, that Burton follow me with his warriors..." 
43. On the high rock cliffs that dominate the jungle, raises the Temple of Diamonds, Tangani's pride. 
44. Childish and superstitious, Tanganis obeyed to a few astute white people  who called themselves Sons of the Sun. 
45. Numa, the sacred Lion of Tanganis,
46. the Giant Raisoul portrayed the parts of Great Priest and Sorcerer the most ever seriously.
47. Tanganis adored Mha, that is, God of Sun, Fire and Light.
48. Suddenly, the ground shaked, a deep fissure was opened under the petrified warriors.
49. "Great Priest, rescue us, cast out the anger of God ..."
50. "O Mha, Mighty God, appease your anger..."
51. "Make us know a sacrifice worthy of you..."
52. Under Gordon's lead, Esteban arrived at the feet of the cliffs...
53. "I tell you the truth, we must climb the cliffs to find the passageway... "
54. Betty understood that Gordon searched to win some time to let Tarzan go.
55. "You will climb first..."
56. On the crest of cliffs, some apes dressed specially were acting sentinels...
57.  "Give the alert...strangers want to enter the temple."
58. "Mha grants our prayer : He sends us a sacrifice worthy of him"
59. "Catch the woman alive... she will be sacrified by Lion Numa..."
60. "Look out... rescue us...."
61 "Mha will be satisfied..."
62. "Prepare the woman for the sacrifice..."
63. "I know Tanganis' habits : when the sun is at its zenith, they will sacrifice your sister..."
64. "This old bandit has tricked us, he shows the way to Tarzan "
65. "You'll follow the banks of the Torrent until you find the fissure in the rock..."
66. "Go and find the warriors, bring them to me..."
67. "Cloak yourself with the skin of the panther we killed this morning, he will take you for Tarzan..."
68. "You're right, his injury has weakened him too much for him to see the difference."
69. "This is Jab ... let's follow him, he will lead us to Tarzan..."
70. The great priest had announced that Betty would be given to the sacred Lion when the sun would cover entirely the crown of destiny."
71. the drums of death.
 72. The time of the sacrifice came closer...
73. "Mighty Numa ... soon the god of fire will cover the crown of destiny : then the sacrifice will be done..."
 74.  "Tarzan ... Burton."
75. Only the servants of the Great Priest could assist to the sacred rituals...
76. In front of the temple, the gathered warriors waited until the sacrifice was done...
77. Frigthened by the sound of explosions Tanganis put up a weak resistance......But Tarzan arrived in time to rescue Betty... The leader of the Tanganis commited suicide by stabbing himself with the ritual knife... The high Priest captured Betty again to continue the sacrifice... ...but Jab came to her rescue and killed the High Priest... Betty looks on in horror.... Esteban and his men find the treasure room...
78. "Jab!"
 79. "By the Judas of supervision, Jab saw the man that his master had pursued vainly..."
80. "Now, diamonds are ours : Esteban will no longer annoy us."
81. "Burton... Burton."
82. "Look at Jab... He seizes the throne... Why would you not do the same ...."
83. "Viva Tarzan... Viva the King of the Jungle..."
The End.
To see the screen captures plus French translations accompanying the above text visit:
William Armstrong's Tarzan and the Golden Lion: ERBzine 0640  and ERBzine 0641


According to Robert R. Barrett in his informative article on the movie version of 
Tarzan and the Golden Lion in Pete Ogden's ERBANIA 93, Winter 2007; 
when the film was shown in France, 
the distributors altered the plot slightly and changed the names of several characters,
most notably Edna Murphy's character.
In the original US release, she was billed as Ruth Porter, Jane's niece
but the French saw fit to change her into Betty Greystoke, Tarzan's favorite sister

You'll notice in the cast credits listed in ERBzine 0591,
Boris Karloff, in one of his first film roles, played Owaza, a renegade Waziri.
Another standout in the cast was Lin-Yu-Ching, 
a Chinese giant who stood eight feet tall and weighed 300 pounds 

For many years prior to the discovery of the French print in 1996, 
most ERB fans had assumed that Edna Murphy had played Flora Hawkes. 
Consequently several histories of the Tarzan films contained this error.

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