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Karla Schramm
Karla Schramm (1891.02.01-1980.01.17) born in Los Angeles, spent half of her Hollywood career playing Jane, appearing in "The Son of Tarzan" and "The Revenge of Tarzan," both in 1920. She made just two other movies, both with uncredited roles. She returned to private life after her jungle "career cappers."
     Schramm and her older sister Paloma were child prodigies and concert pianists before Schramm caught the acting bug. Karla and Paloma toured the world at ages 9 and 12, landing in Chicago, where they continued their music education. Returning to Los Angeles as an adult, Schramm appeared as an extra in the 1919 film “Broken Blossoms” when director D.W. Griffith discovered her and gave her a small role. After a few small parts and two turns as Jane, Schramm returned to her first love, music, and began teaching piano at the studio of Thilo Becker, her childhood instructor. Schramm died at her home in Los Angeles on January 17, 1980, just short of her eighty-ninth birthday. She was cremated and her remains were spread in the garden of her home.
The Karla Schramm Photo Gallery
"The Revenge of Tarzan": ERBzine Silver Screen Entry
"The Son of Tarzan": ERBzine Silver Screen Entry

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P. Dempsey (Tarzan) Tabler & Karla (Jane) Schramm
battle villain Paulovich (Eugene Burr)
Karla with Edgar Rice Burroughs
Karla Schramm and Edgar Rice Burroughs
on The Son of Tarzan film set

Gene Pollar and Karla Schramm
The Revenge of Tarzan

P. Dempsey Tabler and Karla Schramm
The Son of Tarzan

Karla Schramm and Gene Pollar
The Revenge of Tarzan

Karla and Ormond Cortez with Walter Miller
The Revenge of Tarzan

Karla in Son of Tarzan

P. Dempsey Tabler and Karla Schramm
The Son of Tarzan wedding scene

Eugene Burr, Tabler and Karla Schramm
The Son of Tarzan

On the set of The Son of Tarzan with Edgar Rice Burroughs

Karla Schramm and Gene Pollar

Karla with Former Tarzans and Janes
James Pierce, Jock Mahoney, Johnny Weissmuller, Denny Miller
 Joyce Mackenzie, Louise Lorraine, Eve Brent, Karla Schramm, Vanessa Brown

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