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Volume 0538

Members of Tarak's THB List Invade the
Louisville 2003 Dum-Dum
A Photo Mosaic

This tribe of cyber barbarians is composed of people who met on the Net, primarily from belonging to two listservers which discuss the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Founder and leader of this list, Bob "Tarak" Woodley ~ the Tawny-Haired Barbarian, formed the group about six years ago.   This list has no topics or rules and discusses virtually anything; and posts can be about anything, and in any form. The aim is to enjoy free and unfettered discussion and to have fun -- and to raise havoc at Dum-Dum and ECOF gatherings.
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Thuvia ~ Boris ~ Julie ~ TarakThuvia ~ Kathy ~ GhakBob Tarak Woodley ~ Dejah ~ JoNAmar and DejAhkira and Kathy by Denny's Tarzan PlateBill ~ Sue-On ~ Huck ~ former member Bruce Salen and his Princess, RozJoN and TarakHuck Huckenpohler and former member Bob Zeuschner: BibliographersSue-On and Joan keeping Tarak and Predator apartAuction High Rollers: Dej ~ J the V ~ Tarak ~ Predator (Dennis Wilcutt)Numa and Dej at the House of GreystokeLa and her young 'uns - monitoring proceedings from afarJoN ~ Dejah ~ Hadron ~ Huck and his princess VictoriaDej and J the VAmarHuck - Professor A.Q. PorterDej with Boris and JulieKathy ~ Thuvia ~ HadronJoN and EdHuckHadron and Ghak listen to Huck's presentationJ the V ~ Tarak ~ Dejah ~ PredatorJoN at the Boris and Julie signing tableTarak at the BB AuctionTarak getting autograph from Julie and some guy : )J the V bidding for Tarak at the BB auctionAmar and Ghak at auctionHigh bidder's section: Dej ~ J the V ~ Tarak ~ PredatorJ the V examining Danton's antique watchesTarak the ghost propped up at banquet after Pred's sneak attackDejah visiting Tarak and Predator's table at banquetKathy and granddaughter, Ahkira at banquetAhkira, the sweetieJ the V and Lindy Zeuschner at head tableThuvia picking up door prizeHillmans in group picture of non-American fansJ the V posing with another Canuck and Elaine the alternate La (left)Huck displaying his amazing shutterbug techniqueJoN accepting Achievement AwardJoN and DantonDejah and JoNTarak ~ Tarzan ~ AhkiraDale signing Jim Thompson's Guest BookDennis and AhkiraAhkira: Convention's youngest fanAhkira ~ Kathy ~ TarzanGhak and Thandar at breakfastGhak sitting down to breakfastGhak and Pete ERBANIA OgdenAhkira ~ Kathy ~ Denny MillerDenny Miller ~ Huck and Vic ~ Bob Hyde ~ Dejah after breakfast

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Volume 0538

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