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Edgar Rice Burroughs
Volume 0537
A Photo Mosaic Documenting
Some of the Exploits of ERBzine Contributors
who attended the
2003 Dum-Dum in Louisville, Kentucky
Logo art by Boris

The total number of our
Edgar Rice Burroughs ERBzine and ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. tribute sites
is well past 2,000... which has to be some sort of record
for the number of fan Web pages devoted to one person.
Obviously, your editor has put much time and effort into this project,
but it is the support and feedback of fans that oils the engine and feeds the flame.
Over 25 of these contributors attended this year's Dum-Dum.
The following montage is made up of 35 candid photos
capturing the nefarious activities of this intrepid group.

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George T. McWhorter: Jeddak of JasoomHead table contributors: George ~ Bob Hyde ~ Bob Z. ~ Lindy Z. ~ Joan BledigJoN and Ed
Pete ~ Sue-On ~ Bill ~ Bob ~ DorothyDanton sharing two casefulls of ERB rarities with fans
Jeddara Mary Burroughs and JoNDanton ~ Bill ~ Dick Spargur ~ Mary ~ Ginnie SpargurRob Greer carrying out his first load of Huckster Room loot
Bob Tarak Woodley ~ Dejah ~ JoNAmar & DejJoN ~ Rita Coriell ~ John Numa Vaughn
Scott Beachler with his artworkEdie and Wayne JamesHuck and Jim Thompson distributing the Moon Maid CD-ROM
Bob Barrett: ERB researcher extraordinaireBill ~ Sue-On ~ Huck ~ Bruce Salen and his Princess RozBill Ross and Laurence Dunn
Bill with Austrian fans: Veronika & Walter ~ J the V ~ Wayne James ~ Pete OgdenBob Waldo Hibbard ~ Ken Thandar Fuchs with load of bricksDanton and Bill examining watches at Blues Club
Huck Huckenpohler and Bob Zeuschner: BibliographersSue-On and Joan keeping Tarak and Predator apartAuction High Rollers: Dej ~ J the V ~ Tarak ~ Predator (Dennis Wilcutt)
BB VIPs Bob Hyde and George McWhorter present award to JoNPete Ogden ~ Mike Conran ~ Bill Hillman ~ Bob HydeBruce Wood battles Jim Thompson in game of Martian Chess: Jetan
ERBapa Members
This Issue's Team of Photographers
J.G. Huck HuckenpohlerDavid von Horst CritchfieldBob Tardos Mors ZeuschnerWayne Tin Tin James
Sue-On Dejah HillmanBill JoN HillmanKen Thandar Fuchs
More ERB Photographers will be featured in upcoming issues
Editor's Note:
I created this feature the day after we returned from our 4,000 mile round trip
to Louisville and other ERB points of interest.
In my car lag state I may have inadvertantly left out some of our contributors.
Please excuse... and please let me know so I can make corrections.

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Volume 0537

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