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Volume 0535

Dave Burton (1960-2011)
Remembering his boundless imagination, human spirit
and fine artistry.
This is our introduction 
to the many fine art pieces Dave has shared 
with ERBzine readers over the years. 
His friendship and fine artistic talent is greatly missed.

Dave Burton and his portfolio of Barsoomian art
David Burton
Artist Profile

David swears that he was born with a pencil in his hand (his mother denies this).
His grand aunt introduced him to Tarzan through the Gold Key series and
his first book was, "Tarzan Of the Apes" (abridged) which he read at the age of six.
He has been reading and rereading Mr. Burroughs work ever since.

Dejah ThorisLa of OparBarsoomian White Ape

La Dreams

Sola's Mother
This is the piece that I did of Sola's mother,
off on her own enjoying the moons of Mars.
Not from the book exactly, but I felt that it
was something that should be done.

One of the several on going titles from Wild Cat Books,
Strange Worlds has just completed reprinting,
"A Princess Of Mars" in five chapter installments.
After reprinting an illustrated version of
Robert E. Howard's, "Red Nails", they will begin ERB's, "Gods Of Mars",
which will be illustrated by David Burton.

Charging TharkJohn Carter and Woola

This Limited Edition of "THE WORLD OF BARSOOM" was prepared especially for the 2002 ERB-COF convention in Tarzana. Only 50 copies were made. It includes Character Illustrations, Designs, and Scenes from Edgar Rice Burroughs "Princess of Mars". 

Published by Wild Cat Books, none other than DANTON BURROUGHS himself described David's art as the best representation of his grandfather's story in many years! 

The great AL WILLIAMSON said about David's vision of ERB's Mars: "It's about damn time somebody got it right!" 

One of David's Mars pieces appeared in the Nov. 2002 issue of Heavy Metal. Many of his Mars pieces will be featured in the upcoming comics series, "LOST WORLDS OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY", #3 from MIKE HOFFMAN.

Woola standing over the dead body of a Martian creature ~ serialized in STRANGE WORLDS.
One of 40 paintings that David Burton did for the Wild Cat Books adaptation of A Princess Of Mars
An early pencil drawing that artist David Burton did for A Princess Of Mars
These are from a series of pencil drawings of
done by David Burton. for the Mike Hoffman Squid Girl Pin Up book. 
This piece was done as a pin up for the fanzine, 
Strange Worlds # 12,  for the R. E. Howard story "Red Nails."
It is an acrylic painting done on canvas panel.
This is the cover painting to the limited edition hard cover book, "Tarzan And The Huns" (also known as, "Tarzan The Untamed") from ERBville Press 2003. 
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Master of Fantasy
King Kong art commissioned by Ray Bradbury
Spear Woman with tiger
Spear Woman with tiger
Spear Woman With Pet Lion
Tarzan Triumphant!

Tarzan the Untamed for ERBville
Tarzan the Untamed

Art Panel: Dave Burton ~ William Stout ~ Dave SchwartzArt Panel: Thomas Yeates ~ Christopher Schenck
Tarzana ECOF 2002 Artists Panel
David Burton ~ William Stout ~ David Schwartz ~ Tom Yeates ~ Christopher Schenck

David Burton's Latest Project
ERB's A Princess of Mars
A new Leanta Books edition lavishly illustrated by David Burton
Now available at through the LULU Books Online Order Site

Originally published in 1912, 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars
is a classic science-fiction tale, brought to life by 
the stunning artwork of David W. Burton. 
The artist has been working on the 
nearly 30 illustrations for this book for the last six years!

"David Burton's illustrations are revolutionary in the anatomical realism of the amazing creatures that inhabit Burroughs' world. This book is wonderfully illustrated throughout, with portraits of the principle characters and full-page illustrations that give insight into Burroughs' amazing world as has never been seen before." ~ Leanta

"When it comes to accurately depicting the creatures that inhabit Edgar Rice Burroughs' worlds, David Burton stands as one of ERB's most conscientious interpreters. His thoroughness is staggering and deserves to be lauded. David really does his ERB homework!" ~ William Stout

124 pages, 8.50" x 11.00" ~ perfect binding ~ black and white interior ink
ISBN: 978-1-84728-153-1
$22.98 Download ~  $29.99 Print 

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Volume 0535

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