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ISSUE 0501a

Johnny Weissmuller Filming On Location:
Wakulla ~ Silver Springs, Florida
Tarzan's Secret Treasure ~ Tarzan Finds a Son!
Photo Scrapbook II

Johnny Sheffield and Johnny Weissmuller watch as Jean Knapp gets her make-up

Buddy Tully and Jean Knapp

Johnny on the Board



Tarzan and Boy

Weissmuller and Crew

Johnny Weissmuller and the film crew of Tarzan's Secret Treasure at Wakulla Springs, 1941

Tarzan and Boy in the Upper Terraces

Tarzan and Baby Tantor

Johnny Weissmuller, Johnny Sheffield, and Newt Perry during filming of "Tarzan Finds a Son" at Silver Springs

Molly Turner and Tiger

Newt Underwater

Newt Perry with Johnny Weissmuller during the filming of "Tarzan Finds a Son"

Passengers on Cruise Boat

Elephant Push

Secret Treasure Filming

On Set

The Swim

Tallahassee Savages

Tarzan and Jane Aloft

Elephant Parade

Underwater Filming

Underwater Filming Bell

Underwater Set-Up

Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller with unidentified woman at Lago Mar : Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Johnny Sheffield and Johnny Weissmuller making up Johnny's stand-in during filming of "Tarzan's Secret Treasure"


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State Archives and Library of Florida
Wakulla Springs in Wikipedia

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