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1916 Freshman Football Team
Page 99 of the 1917 Arbutus yearbook.
(Back Row, L to R) Von Tres, Davis, Coulter, Davison, Spencer, Hess, and James Hubert "Babe" Pierce.
(Third Row, L to R) coach Lowman, Van Buskirk, Connor, Faust, Mumby, Rose, Alles, Wilson, and assistant coach Krause.
(Second Row, L to R) McNeill, Dragoo, Minton, Hammons, Springer, captain Howard, Cravens, Sherwood, and Hughes.
(Front Row, L to R) Evert, Risley, Dalrymple, Bach, Adams, Hanny, and Joel.
jhp21 ~ P0051941
James Pierce 1917
Page 80 of the 1918 Arbutus yearbook.
jhp05 ~ P0051937


James Pierce - Boxing class - 1916-1917 school year
 (Back Row, L to R) Davenport, Kelleher, and Wise.
(Front Row, L to R) Ploughe, James Hubert "Babe" Pierce, 
Stormont, and coach Cohn.
(not an intercollegiate team) 
Page 133 of the 1917 Arbutus yearbook.
Group portrait - Coaches (Athletics)
jhp18 ~ P0051940


James Pierce 1918  - AB Economics, Class of 1921
Phi Delta Theta - Economics Club - Sphinx Club -
Mu Beta - Travelers' Club - Vigilance Committee
Pages 250 and 135 of the 1918 and 1921 Arbutus yearbooks.
Pierce played Tarzan in one movie, Tarzan and the Golden Lion, 
and married Joan Burroughs, the daughter of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
James and Joan played Tarzan and Jane on radio for several years.
 Pierce played football at Indiana University with Kermit Maynard 
who also went on to a career in Hollywood as an actor and stunt man. 
Maynard and Pierce played together on the 1919 and 1920 football teams.
Kermit Maynard was the younger brother of the more famous Ken Maynard.
jhp04 ~ P0051935
Phi Delta Theta - Champions of the Interfraternity Basketball Tournament
Team photo ~ 1917-1918 school year ~ Phi Delta Theta
Page 93 of the 1918 Arbutus yearbook.
Bastian, Frederick ~ Shirk, Chafee ~ Ridenour, William ~ 
Brodhecker, Rolland ~ Dobbins, William ~ Pierce, James Hubert "Babe"
(Back Row, L to R) Frederick Bastian, Chafee Shirk, 
William Ridenour, Rolland Brodhecker, and William Dobbins.
(With ball) James Hubert "Babe" Pierce.
jhp19 ~ P0051936
James Pierce 1918 - Football
This image scanned from page 108 
of the 1919 Arbutus yearbook. 
"The giant center 
played a stellar game this year at Center. 
He played his second year on the Varsity 
and has the reputation of being 
one of the best centers in the conference."
jhp09 ~ P0051979
1917 football team
Page 78 of the 1918 Arbutus yearbook.
(Back Row, L to R) Coach Ewald Ortwin Gustav "Jumbo" Stiehm, 
Heuring, Keever, Hess, Howard, Bower, and trainer Jesse Ferguson.
(Middle Row, L to R) Minton, Ingles, Ewert, James Hubert Pierce, 
Julius, captain Hathaway, and Risley.
(Front Row, L to R) assistant coach Rathbun, Faust, 
Cravens, and assistant coach Evans.
Individuals: Stiehm, Ewald Ortwin Gustav "Jumbo" ~ Heuring, Byron ~ 
Keever, Charles H. ~ Hess, Jack S. ~ Howard, Lynn W. ~ 
Bowser, Harold ~ Ferguson, Jesse ~ Minton, Roscoe ~ 
Ingles, James ~ Ewert, Howard ~ Pierce, James Hubert "Babe"
~ Julius, Russell ~ Hathaway, Russell G. ~ Risley, Elliot C. ~ 
Rathbun ~ Faust, Frank ~ Cravens, Bernard K. ~ Evans
jhp20 ~ P0051939
James Hubert "Babe" Pierce
1919 - Football
Page 3 of the October 7, 1919 issue 
of The Indiana Daily Student.
jhp06 ~ P0051975


1918 Track Team
From page 107 of the 1918 Arbutus yearbook. 
Members of the I-Men's Association sitting in the new Trophy Room 1918
Page 70 of the 1918 Arbutus yearbook.
(L to R) James Hubert Pierce does appear to be the person at extreme left, Unknown, Unknown, 
appears to be football coach Ewald Ortwin Gustav "Jumbo" Stiehm, and Unknown.
Building name: Men's Gymnasium (1917)
jhp17 ~ P0051938


James Hubert "Babe" Pierce 
1919: ~ Football
Page 66 of the 1920 Arbutus yearbook.
"He was a bulwark of strength in the center 
of Indiana's line in 1919. 
Few centers could withstand the all-powerful charge 
of Pierce and fewer still wished to try again 
after attempting it. 
Pierce played his best games 
against Notre Dame and Syracuse..."
jhp02: P0051981
1919 football team
Page 54 of the 1920 Arbutus yearbook.
Ewald Ortwin Gustav "Jumbo" Stiehm and James Hubert "Babe" Pierce
James Hubert "Babe" Pierce is in the second row from the front at the far left end. 
Coach Stiehm is in the back row, second from right.
jhp16 ~ P0051982
James Pierce -1919 
Scrapbook / photograph album 
of Frank H. Levell (AB 1920).
Page 3 of the October 7, 1919
issue of The Indiana Daily Student.
jhp23 ~ P0052261
James Pierce 1920 ~ Football
Page 61 of the 1921 Arbutus yearbook.
" 'Babe' Pierce's last year was his greatest.
It will be many another season before there comes to
Indiana University a varsity football center 
of the size and calibre of Pierce. 
For four years he has been a line bastion. 
Combined with his tremendous weight, 
he possessed speed and savage tackling.
He became invincible toward the close of the season, 
and was a wonder at roving center in 
the Notre Dame and Purdue games. 
He outclassed all other centers in the state last season."
jhp03 ~ P0051943
James Pierce 1920 ~ Discus
Page 92 of the 1921 Arbutus yearbook.
"When James H. Pierce, commonly known as 'Babe', 
graduated, the University lost one of its most consistent 
point getters on the track team. 
During the 1920 spring season Pierce 
hurled the discus in good form. 
He was a veritable Greek in the art of casting the disc.
In the 1920 spring season Pierce shattered all former records
by throwing the discus 132 feet 6 inches.
In practice he went above this mark and 
made several heaves of 145 feet. 
Pierce competed for two years on the varsity track squad 
and was a sure getter each year."
jhp01 ~  P0051944
James Pierce 1920 - Football Team Photo
1920 football team
James Hubert "Babe" Pierce is in the back row, second from left.
Page 40 of the 1921 Arbutus yearbook
jhp12 ~ P0051942
James Pierce 1920 - Track Team Photo
Track athletics
Page 96 of the 1920 Arbutus yearbook.
James Hubert "Babe" Pierce is in the back row, second from right
jhp13 ~ P0051980
James Pierce and Jesse Lorhei  1920
James Hubert "Babe" Pierce and Jesse Lorheitopic Football Portrait
Page 3 of the September 28, 1920 issue of The Indiana Daily Student. 
"...Piece and Jess Lorhei both won their letters at center...last season. 
They are both playing their last year...this fall, 
and will alternate in the games as they did last fall. 
Lohrei is big and fast and heady...
Pierce is the giant of the team, 
weighing in the neighborhood of 220 pounds 
and standing six feet and four inches in height. 
His great size and fighting qualities rank him as a line bulwark. 
His offensive drive is tremendous. 
He always places the ball in the immediate vicinity 
of the opposing goal line at the kick-off..."
jhp14 ~ P0051974
Football coach Stiehm and James Pierce 1920 - Football
Page 35 of the 1921 Arbutus yearbook.
James Hubert Pierce is to the left of the goal post.
Ewald Ortwin Gustav "Jumbo" Stiehm 
and James Hubert "Babe" Pierce
Football - Coaches (Athletics)
jhp15 ~ P0021835


James Pierce 1921- Cave Dwellers
Future Tarzan, depicted as a caveman
Page 125 of the 1921 Arbutus yearbook. 
"The Phi Delts feed this bird raw meat
Three Times a day or maybe more
Sometimes he likes a Frosh to eat
He strewed one field with Purdue gore."
jhp11 ~ P0051945
James Pierce 1922 - Football
Page 1 of the July 8, 1922
issue of The Indiana Daily Student.
jhp07 ~ P0051976


James Pierce 1927
Page 3 of the May 12, 1927 issue 
of The Indiana Daily Student.
jhp08 ~ P0051978
James Hubert "Babe" Pierce 1927 ~ Bloomington
Page 3 of the May 12, 1927 issue of The Indiana Daily Student.
Advertisement for James Pierce in "Tarzan and the Golden Lion"
jhp10 ~ P0051977
Tarzan meets Tarzan 1972
James Hubert "Babe" Pierce ~ Ronald Pierce Ely
Page 31 of the December 1972 issue of the Indiana Alumni Magazine.
NBC - Actors - Chimpanzees
jhp22 ~ P0052395

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