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Volume 4901
Dan Barry Intro
Tarzan At The Earth's Core
Tarzan and the Diamond of Ashra 
Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr
Paul Reinman

Tarzan and the Slavers
White Savages of Vaar

Daniel Barry (July 11, 1923 January 25, 1997) 
Dan BarryDan Barry, born in Long Branch, New Jersey, began his career working in the comic book field through George and Alan Mandel in 1941. He worked on a variety of comics including Airboy, Doc Savage and numerous comic characters. Along with Leonard Starr, Stan Drake and his brother Sy Barry, he helped define and exemplify a particular kind of "New York Slick" style which was characterized by careful attention to lines, a realistic style, and the clear delineation of textures. In 1943 he entered the Air Force, where he drew a comic strip for a service magazine. After the war, he returned to the comics field, drawing stories for titles like Crimebusters and The Heap. He did freelance work for several magazines and built up a business producing advertising and educational comics. His client list included Blue Cross, International Harvester, the National Association of Manufacturers andthe Army Reorientation Branch. 

From 1947-48 he drew the Tarzan daily strip, then in 1951 revived the Flash Gordon daily strip. Dan Barry was one of the first artists to regularly get credit in comics for his work in the 50s, a time when that didn't happen often.When artist Mac Raboy died in 1967, Barry assumed responsibility of the Flash Gordon Sunday strip also. He created the official poster for the 1980 movie version of Flash Gordon. His last work was for Dark Horse Comics, where he wrote and drew many Indiana Jones and Predator comic books. Dan Barry's brother, Sy Barry, was an artist on The Phantom.

After Edgar Rice Burroughs' return to Tarzana from the WWII Pacific Theatre he resumed his interest and input for the Tarzan strips. He had read very fews strips during the war years and now the quality and direction taken by the strips had really angered him. He expressed his dissatisfaction with Maxon's work on the strip. He suggested to United Feature Syndicate that the scripting of the dailies be taken over by a professional writer and not left to artist Maxon. He wanted new writers and new artists. He was disgusted with the way the characters he had created were being represented: "It is not a Tarzan strip. Practically no animals and no jungle." He went on to say, "I feel that this work casts such a reflection upon my name and my character that it may work a great deal of harm to both my books and my pictures. I can readily understand that anyone reading these comic strips in a newspaper would never buy a Burroughs book." 

Ed recommended that a writer he had previously used be hired and was hoping that Hogarth, who was already doing the Sundays,  could be persuaded to do the dailies as well. Maxon should be paid off and released as soon as possible. Thompson's method of writing for both the daily and Sunday pages was to present a story synopsis to Ed for approval, and then break it down into actions and captions.  The approved scripts woiuld then be forwarded to UFS. The first continuity was based on Tarzan at the Earth's Core although following Ed's suggestion none of the actual events from the novel were used. 

Burne Hogarth, however, declined to take on the dailies other than through a supervisory capacity. He enlisted and coached artist Dan Barry and got him started by penciled the first few weeks - which Barry inked. Dan Barry then took over the entire dailies project. Ed had sent Hogarth a copy of the novel so that he could get an idea as to the proper look of Pellucidar and the characters. He was very disappointed when it became obvious that Hogarth had not read the book and the characters that he had designed for Barry to draw were totally unlike those described by ERB. Hogarth had even ignored the costumes that Thompson had described in the script. Ed complained that the Pellucidarians from his books were simlar to men of the old Stone Age -- and did not have neatly trimmed mustaches and beards, nor did they wear ornate turbans and robes. They wore G-strings made from animal hides. 

Hogarth, ignoring the fact that he was hired to follow Ed's descriptions and to illustrate the approved script, went into one of his characteristic verbose harangues criticising both Ed's conception and scriptwriter Thompson's abilities.

Thompson's next two continuities were loosely based on radio scripts he had previously done: Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher and Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr (retitled Tarzan and the White Men of Kohr with art  ghosted by John Lehti for a few weeks). This was the last series that Dan Barry did. After this the Thompson scripts were illustrated by Paul Reinman and Nick Cardy.

Rob Thompson completed his run -- up until ERB's death in March 1950 -- with an original script: Tarzan and the Slavers. His Tarzan and the Cavemen of Vaar was based on a 1945 radio serial synopsis that he had presented to ERB, Inc., but was never used (he had originally turned this into a script for Dell Tarzan Comic No. 1: Tarzan and the White Savages of Vari). Next came Tarzan and the Leopard Claws based on Tarzan and the Leopard Men. And finally, Tarzan and the Elephant Men of Cathne adapted from Tarzan and the City of Gold.

2509-2616 (1 Sept. 1947-3 Jan. 1948):  Dan Barry and Burne Hogarth/Rob Thompson, Tarzan at the Earth's Core (108 days) ERBzine 4901
2617-2640 (5 Jan. 1948- ?):  Dan Barry/Rob Thompson, Tarzan at the Earth's Core . . . continued (24 days)
2641-2832 (? - ?):  Dan Barry/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the Diamond of Ashra (192 days)
2833-2892 (? - 20 Nov. 1948):  Dan Barry/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the Fires of Kohr (60 days): ERBzine 3434
2893-2958 (22 Nov. 1948-5 Feb. 1949):  John Lehti/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the Fires of Kohr (66 days): ERBzine 3442
2959-3012 (7 Feb. 1949-9 Apr. 1949):  Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the Fires of Kohr (54 days): ERBzine 3446

3013-3066 (11 Apr. 1950-11 June 1949): Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the Slavers (54 days)
3067-3120 (13 June 1949-13 Aug. 1949):  Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson, White Savages of Vaar (54 days)
3121-3198 (15 Aug. 1949-12 Nov. 1949):  Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the Leopard Men (78 days)
3199-3276 (14 Nov. 1949-11 Feb. 1950):  Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the City of Gold (78 days)
3277-3360 (13 Feb. 1950-20 May 1950):  Nick Cardy/Rob Thompson, Tarzan and the City of Gold (84 days)
Tarzan and the City of Gold II
Nick Cardy/Rob Thompson ~ 84 days
3277-3360 (13 Feb. 1950-20 May 1950)

Sy Barry

Dan Barry and Burne Hogarth ~ Rob Thompson
2509-2616/2640  ~ Sept. 1, 1947 - Jan. 3, 1948 - 108 + 24 Episodes

ERBzine 4901
ERBzine 4902
I: 2509-2520
ERBzine 4903
II: 2521-2532
ERBzine 4904
III: 2533-2544
ERBzine 4905
IV: 2545-2556
ERBzine 4906
V: 2557-2568
ERBzine 4907
VI: 2569-2580
ERBzine 4908
VII: 2581-2592
ERBzine 4909
VIII: 2593-2604
ERBzine 4910
IX: 2605-2616
ERBzine 4911
X: 2617-2628
ERBzine 4912
XI: 2629-2640

Dan Barry and Rob Thompson
2641-2832 (? - ?) (192 days)

ERBzine 4913
I: 2641-2652
ERBzine 4914
II: 2653-2664
ERBzine 4915
III: 2665-2676
ERBzine 4916
IV: 2677-2688
ERBzine 4917
V: 2689 - 2700
ERBzine 4918
VI: 2701-2712
ERBzine 4919
VII: 2713-2724
ERBzine 4920
VIII: 2725-2736
ERBzine 4921
IX: 2737-2748
ERBzine 4922
X: 2749-2760
ERBzine 4923
XI: 2761-2772
ERBzine 4924
XII: 2773 - 2784
ERBzine 4925
XIII: 2785 - 2796
ERBzine 4926
XIV: 2797 - 2808
ERBzine 4927
XV: 2809 - 2820
ERBzine 4928
2821-2832 conc
Fires of Kohr: 3434 ERBzine 34453446

Fires of Kohr: 3434  -  ERBzine 3445   - ERBzine 3446
Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr (1947-1948) " Introduction and Contents
Art by Dan Barry : ERBzine 3434-3441

3434: INTRO 3435: Strips 1-9 3436: Strips 10-18 3437: Strips 19-27
3438: Strips 28-36 3439: Strips 37-45 3440: Strips 46-54 3441: Strips 55-71
Series continued with art by John Lehti : ERBzine 3441: Strips 61-71 - ERBzine 3445
3442: Strips 72-86 3443: Strips 87-101 3444: Strips 102-116 3445: Strips 117-131
Series concluded with art by Paul Reinman : ERBzine 3446-3449
3446: Strips 132-146 3447: Strips 147-161 3448: Strips 162-176 3449: 177-189 conc

Tarzan and the Slavers
Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson ~ 54 Episodes
3013-3066 (11 Apr. 1950-11 June 1949)

4929 3013-3024 4930: 3025-3036 4931: 3037-3048 4932: 3049-3060 4933: 3061-3066

White Savages of Vaar
Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson ~ 54 Days
3067-3120 (13 June 1949-13 Aug. 1949)

4934: 3067-3078 4935: 3079-3090 4936:  3091-3102 4937: 3103-3114 4938: 3115-3020

Tarzan and the Leopard Men
Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson ~ 78 Days
3121-3198 (15 Aug. 1949-12 Nov. 1949)

4939 3121-3132 4940 3133-3144 4941: 3145-3156 4942: 3157-3168 4943: 3169-3180 4944: 3181-3198

Tarzan and the City of Gold
Paul Reinman/Rob Thompson ~ 78 days
3199-3276 (14 Nov. 1949-11 Feb. 1950)

4945: 3199-3210 4946: 3211-3222 4947:  3223-3234 4948: 3235-3246 4949: 3247-3258 4950: 3259-3270 4951: 3271-3276/3282


Tarzan and the City of Gold II
Nick Cardy/Rob Thompson ~ 84 days
3277-3360 (13 Feb. 1950-20 May 1950)
4952: 3283-3294 4953: 3295-3306 4954: 3307-3318 4955: 3319-3330 4956: 3331-3342 4957: 3343-3360

Tarzan and Hard-Luck Harrigan
Nick Cardy/Burne Hogarth ~ 54 days
3361-3414 (22 May 1950-22 July 1950)
Tarzan and Hard-Luck Harrigan II
Bob Lubbers/Burne Hogarth ~ 6 days
3415-3420 (24 July 1950-29 July 1950)
4958: 3361-3372 4959: 3373-3384 4960: 3385-3396 4961: 3397-3408 4962: 3409-3414/3420 4963: Lubbers: 3415-3420

Attack of the Apes
Bob Lubbers/Burne Hogarth ~ 40 days
3421-3460 (31 July 1950- ?)


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