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June 19-22
Meet the Guests of Honour

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Martin Powell
Martin has written hundreds of stories in numerous genres, for Disney, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, among others. He has scripted some of the most popular characters in the industry including Superman, Batman, Popeye, and Tarzan. One of his most famous works, "Scarlet in Gaslight" was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award. This thrilling supernatural mystery-adventure pitted Sherlock Holmes against Dracula and was viewed as most satisfying by no less than the Washington Post. He brilliantly adapted Mary Shelly's  "Frankenstein" and more recently The Hound of the Baskervilles" illustrated by Jamie Chase for Dark Horse. 

He is currently writing the online strips "Carson of Venus", "The Eternal Savage", "The War Chief", "The Cave Girl" and "The Land That Time Forgot" for ERB Inc. He also has completed a graphic novel "Jungle Tales of Tarzan" for Dark Horse, which should be out later this year. Martin has authored many children books and is co-creator (with fellow guest-of-honor Diana Leto) of the acclaimed "Halloween Legion" a 2014 short list nominee for the Stan Lee Excelsior Award and the prestigious  Rondo Award.

Leia Barrett Durham
Leia is taking the international indie author world by storm with her two popular series, The Trust Series (Epic Fantasy) and The Fear Series ( Paranormal Romance) and other works. She has published eight novels in her first two years of writing and has been asked by conventions all around the United States to be a guest specializing in self publishing, word building, research  and Geeky Stained Glass artistry. Her amazing Tarzan stained glass window is the featured piece in this year’s ECOF auction. 

A native of northern Alabama she is not only an author but also a freelance stained glass artist. Her Geeky Stain Glass is extremely popular on the con circuits. She makes fan-inspired items ranging from superhero logos, Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, not to mention 3-D dragons, gargoyles, and fairies. She takes custom orders on the spot and loves a challenge. You have never seen anything quite like it. Find out more about her on Amazon and Facebook.

Diana Leto
ECOF attendees may recognize Diana's name from the ERB, Inc. website, where she pulls double duty as both the illustrator for the web comics adaption of ERB's "The Cave Girl" and the colorist for the latest incarnation of  "Carson of Venus". A professional illustrator and designer for over a decade, she has made a name for herself creating art for world class clients like Jim Henson Legacy, Sesame Street, Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse comics, IDW Comics, and Warner Bros. 

Her artwork is featured prominently in the graphic novel "The Halloween Legion", a critically acclaimed, all-ages mystery adventure of which she is co-creator and which is currently nominated for both the prestigious Stan Lee Excelsior Award and the Rondo Award. She is an active participant and presenter in Kids ComicCon and Adobe MAX, promoting literacy, education, and by example, gender equality in the professional arts. Look for her work in the up-coming anthology, "Jungle Tales of Tarzan", from Sequential Pulp/ Dark Horse a Comic. She is one amazing talented individual.

Nik Poliwko
Nik is primarily a comic book illustrator, who has also worked in computer animation and on television productions. His resume includes story boarding for the original "Batman: the Animated Series" through Lightbox Studios in Toronto, as well as creating computer graphics for various TV series and movies, such as NBC's "Shattered Promises". Nik was also a writer and artist of the official "Bob and Doug McKenzie" daily newspaper strip, based on on the "Great White North" segment from the Canadian and NBC series "SCTV" and produced the book "Strange Brew", a movie tie-in with the popular MGM cult movie.

In comics Nik has created material for a variety of publishers, including AC Comics, Monsterverse, Moonstone, and Vortex among others and has illustrated "Tarzan and the Native Boy" which appears in the "Jungle Tales of a Tarzan" graphic novel for Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics. Nik is currently doing the artwork for ERB Inc's online strip "The War Chief" which is just beautiful. His art very much reminds me of that of Russ Manning which the greatest compliment I can give him. Nik truly is the busiest artist nobody has ever heard of. Finally Nik is the artist for one of the shirts for this year's ECOF. He was kind enough to respond to my request of art for this shirt... talented and generous!

Thomas Floyd
Tom is recipient of the prestigious Golden Lion Award from the Burroughs Bibliophles in 2010. His art is predominately featured for Jerry Schneider's special editions of "Tarzan of the Apes", which Leia's stained glass window is based on, and also the official tee shirt for this year's ECOF in Fargo. Tom also did the art for Bison Books ERB editions of "Pellucidar", "Eternal Savage", "Moon Maid Trilogy" and "Pirates of Venus." 

Tom is currently the artist for ERB Inc. online strip "Carson of Venus" which is just amazingly drawn. Also one has to see his online adventures of Captain Spectre which is beautifully drawn and a lot of fun. Besides being a very talented artist Tom is genuinely one of the nicest and generous guys you would ever have the pleasure to meet. His art is truly amazing.

Pablo Marcos
Wow! is the first thing that came to mind when I read that Pablo was going to be the artist for the ERB, Inc. online edition of "Tarzan of the Apes" and "The Land That Time Forgot." I have personally been a fan of his since the late 1970s with his art for  Marvel and DC comics. Pablo had a very distinguished career even before the early '70s, but that was when he entered the comic book world. He began work in 1970 at Warren Publishers with horror stories for Creepy Magazine. He then began with DC comics on "The Witching Hour and Ghosts". Following this, Pablo entered the Marvel universe, where he inked "Captain Marvel", "Vampire Tales", "Dracula Lives", and "Savage Tales". On these magazines he worked with one of his admired artists, Neal Adams. In 1974 he followed this with "Savage Sword of Conan" where he inked for John Buscema. Pablo is also known for his barbaric Marvel illustrations such as Morbius from "Vampire Tales" and "Tales of the Zombie". While at Marvel he inked for titles such as: "Spider-Man", "Master of Kung Fu", "Skull the Slayer", "The Avengers", "Ghost Rider", "Marvel Team Up", "Fantastic Four", "Thor", "Captain America" and many many more. He later again went to DC where he inked: "Green Lantern", "New Teen Titans", "Warlord", "Batman", "Superman", "Wonder Woman", "Action Comics", "Star Trek", "Manhunter" and more. Of special interest to ERB fans is the work he did on the Marvel John Carter series in the late '70s. Pablo has recently signed a 5-year contract with ERB, Inc. He will do two weekly series, " Red Hawk vs the Moon Men" and "Tarzan of the Apes" with legendary writer Roy Thomas and a third series "The Land That Time Forgot" with fellow guest-of-honor Martin Powell as writer.  Pablo truly is a legend in the field.
David Fury
Dave is a freelance author and songwriter from Minneapolis and currently resides in Southern California.  He is an extraordinary writer with meticulous research skills and a love for his subjects that is clearly seen in his writings. His previously-published books include: "The Cinema History of Burt Lancaster", "Kings of the Jungle-Tarzan of the Screen", a biography of his personal good friend, "Chuck Conners, The Man Behind the Rifle", "Johnny Weissmuller: Twice the Hero", and "Maureen O'Sullivan, No Average Jane".

Most importantly he has been my best friend for over 20 years, no small feat if anyone really knows me. I'm very grateful  to him for coming to Fargo this year, even though I made him, and being my right hand man in helping with ECOF and being one of my guests.

Scott Tracy Griffin
Tracy is an actor and author and is considered one of the foremost Edgar Rice Burroughs experts in the world, with over 20 years of articles appearing in magazines, journals, academia, and fanzines. 

His huge book "The Centennial Celebration-Tarzan: the Stories, the Movies, the Art" is a must-have for any Tarzan fan. It is the only authorized commemorative visual history of  Burroughs' famed ape man. The book is a 2013 Locus Award finalist in the Art Book category. Throughout his 20-year writing career, Griffin’s work has been featured in multiple publications, among them Cinefantastique, FilmFax, and Femme Fatale, and includes a story arc for United Feature's Tarzan Sunday comic strip. He has served as a consultant and interview subject for numerous documentaries, including “Tarzan: The Legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs” (1996); “Investigating Tarzan” (1997); “In Search of Tarzan” (1999); “Tarzan: Silver Screen King of the Jungle” (2004); and “Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle” (2012).

Tracy lives within swinging distance of Tarzana, California.

Rudy Sigmund
Skype: tarzan52749

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