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Illustrations by Milan Fibiger

More art from the amazing Milan Fibiger from Prague, Czechoslovakia. Much Milan's ERB-related art has been published in major books and magazines and some of it is displayed at the McWhorter Collection - University of Louisville. We are also very proud of the illustrations on us that we have displayed on the ERBzine front page and in the Art section of our John Carter of Mars film site. Milan's latest incredibly detailed art is of scenes from War of the Worlds.
See and buy more of Milan's artwork:

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Limited Edition Cover Painting
Rob Hughes' OUTLAW PRINCE graphic adaptation of ERB's OUTLAW OF TORN

A giant reproduction of this gorgeous painting is available on canvas from
Rob Hughes


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Studley O. Burroughs (Edgar Rice Burroughs' Nephew)
Plus photos and negatives from the collection of
Ken DeCiancio
12 pages with 20 items - photos and clippings (not original art)
Offered for auction on eBay until Jan 09, 2014

A Sample of the scrapbook contents

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Intro page of the ERBzine
Studley Burroughs Tribute series:


English artist Paul Privitera is a major contributor to ERBzine.
Literally hundreds of his art pieces enrich our pages.
Paul's Intro/Contents Page is at: ERBzine 2708
Our Art Collage page features four mosaics of Paul's Mars art:

. .
. .


Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror
Cover art by Mike Hoffman

John Carter Character Design Specs by Mike Hoffman

The latest eBay offering from Mike Hoffman


The Tarzan Art pieces by Enric Torres-Prat 
grace many of our ERB Illustrated Biblio pages.

A major favourite of most ERB fans
ERBzine collage of Frazetta Heroines
Frazetta Gallery of ERB-Related Art in ERBzine

Around the turn of the century, Danton Burroughs and I created a very large Tribute Site to
ERB's artist son John Coleman Burroughs
(Danton's father and grandfather of Llana Jane and Dejah).
This collage features some of the Barsoom art of JCB:

To you and your still growing family -- Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year!  Yeah, you read that right.  How're the toes?
The science/fiction convention in Binghamton last September went so well that the host, the Roberson Museum and Science Center, plans to have a second one next September, this time for two days instead of one.  They never realized there were so many fan groups in the area.  Fan groups, vendors, attendees of 700 -1000 people, so many in costume, about 18 panel discussions -- the place was hopping!  Anita and I had our Burroughs Bibliophiles display table up on the third floor of the mansion in the billiard room and it proved to be quite a nice spot.  We got the breeze from outside without being in the line of the sun while the fireplace mantle behind us provided more display space.  We made it colorful and wore T-shirts of past ERB conventions to advertise the Bibliophiles. While we were not photograghed by the media, others were, and there are several sites on the internet where one can see pictures, videos and interviews of the goings-on at the convention.  Just put "RoberCon" in the search engine and open 'em up!  The Roberson website also has some pictures in its events section.
Anita and I got to the December Panthan meeting and gave them more info on it; they decided to put it on their list of possible 2014 events to attend, the last weekend of September.  (Though Anita and I wonder what the fees will be next year.  This first time, attendees paid only $10.  Fan groups paid nothing; vendors paid $100.)
May you all have a Happy, Safe Holiday Season  and may we all get to meet up some time next year!
Elaine Casella

In recent years, blogs and other social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, et al have become very popular for people of all ages and interests. But ERB-related Groups/List/Servs are still alive and well, and are a valuable means of communication for dedicated Burroughs fans. ERB writer and researcher, John Martin is a regular contributor to the ERBlist and ERBCOF groups and has also shared much of his work in ERBzine (ex: his analysis of the Venus series: All About Amtor). Many of the members of these lists have adopted ERB personae and since John is an accomplished poet he uses the name of the poet in ERB's The Mucker: Bridge. John "Bridge" Martin often pays tribute to fellow Burroughs fans and List members. Featured below is the year-end poem he wrote for Christmas 2013.
by John "Bridge" Martin
'Twas the night before Christmas and there on the lists
The moms told the ERB fans to cease and desist.

"It's way past your bedtime! Get off them computers!
"Quit looking at ERB and those popups for Hooters!"

But the fans, having already sent their posts through,
Were now looking around for what else they could do.

To exit the listservs, they mostly were loath,
But gave in to mama and signed out of both.

But that doesn't mean that they went off to bed.
No, they found other things to do instead.

Hibbard was out in his leathercraft shed
Making a harness to fit Santa's sled

John Pappas was strumming his brand new bouzouki
Bob Z. strung his guitar with hair from a Wookie

Morf and Trenary chimed in with rejoices,
And Galloway made it a trio of voices.

Paul Mallinson dined at the home of Von Horst,
Who offered his guest a holiday borscht

Krakowsky, on ebay, had quite a suspicion,
When seeing a Grosset was slugged "first edition."

Allsup was reading from Manning Galore,
Purchased from Tierney's fine Little Rock store

Mary was minding her store, Shenandoah,
While Histah was trying to train his new boa.

McKosky was watching his video clips
Of Johnny gyrating and doing backflips

Burrows was wishing his name was spelled more
Like the name of the guy who erblisters adore.

The Red Hawk was being re-read by Jim Hadac
While Raymond Le Beau was being quite laid back.

Mors Kajak still felt like a bit of a martyr
Since his name was dropped from the movie, John Carter

Goodwin and Bearden both looked up at Mars
And had pleasant dreams of a green man named Tars.

Brian Bohnett thought he'd write a new tome;
Pete mailed ERBania to Ken Webber's home.

Billy York hauled out his old DVD
Of Princess of Mars, Miss Traci to see.

Over in Europe where Rob Donker's at,
Santa'd see him, and Marten and de Laat

Phillips and Manson and fan J the V
Saw holiday lights in the Windy Citeee.

Wadding thought maybe he'd let his beard grow
And dye it, like Santa's, as white as the snow.

Speaking of beards, Denny Miller's is full,
It got him the fish job (but no Santa role).

Rudy was planning an ECOF in Fargo
ERB fans will trek there with books as their cargo.

In Mangani country, where dwells David Lemmo,
He's giving some thought to the next Burroughs demo.

On TV Dan Viets saw Weissmuller's power,
And listened real closely to every ungowa.

McWhorter was basking amid all the glow
Of thousands of doodads he'd put out for show

Phil Normand was painstakingly hovering
Over his newest ERB Recovering.

He wasn't so sure he had got it quite right,
So he took a quick look at Ewing's website.

Bill Kamper went camping, Lee Barrie picked berries
And Jeff Doten doted on Barsoom, nee Ares.

Dennis will cut comics out of the paper
Before they're recycled right into the vapor.

And Schneider, too, did all he could to preserve
The pulps from the past that have all touched a nerve.

CuzzinDJ and Serena Dubois
Were hoping that Santa would bring them some toys

Jenkins and Conran agreed to a sale:
Frazetta and Boris would fly through the mail.

Pricing his lectures at 10 cents was Huck;
And Clark Day affirmed his personna was Buck.

Madison looked through his last ECOF packet
To seek out some art for a variant jacket.

Andy's dear wife, we all hope's doing well,
And we hope that his new book will be a good sell.

And down there at ERB Inc. they're still awake yet,
Dreaming up comics to put on the 'net.

Bridge was attempting to write a new poem;
It took more than a day, just like building Rome.

A poet once said, to his eyes did appear:
A miniature sleigh and eight Tyner reindeer.

More rapid than eagles the coursers they came,
Wagnering their tails like a pack of Great Danes.

Down in the lane where the treetops do glisten,
Don Falkos told stories to any who'd listen.

Now all of those reindeer had long since retired,
But Santa was ready, and rarin' and wired.

He hitched up a new team, and here is the gist:
He named them for people who post on the list:

Now Thompson, now Gibson, now Hodgson, Buchanan
On Griffin, on Grainger, on Spargur and Ekman.

Hillman was chuckling up north of the border,
'Cuz Canada's first, in Santa's route order.

And nearby, Kiatuk's email was working,
As known by his long ago message: still lurking.

Now way down in Houston where Tangor did dwell
He read all the posts and he said, "All is well.

"There's just one more thing I must say by and by,"
So he opened a post and he clicked on reply.

He wrote: "It's fun reading these ERB lists tonight,
"Now to all Merry Christmas...and kiddies, don't fight!"

More ERB Poetry by John Martin
John Carter of Mars in Verse

Art by Paul Privitera


The Latest Publication from Brian Bohnett's Mad Kings Publishing
Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Coldwater Connection
by Michael A. Hatt
For over two decades, the “small town” of Coldwater, Michigan provided a “big city” getaway for Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan Slept Here details the authors time spent in Coldwater, the summer home to his wife’s family, the Hulberts. A pair of Burroughs’ well-known works were penned in Coldwater: Beyond Thirty was imagined at Sunnyside Farm; and the fourth chapter of Jungle Tales of Tarzan was written while overlooking Morrison Lake.

Written by Michigan author and historian, Michael A. Hatt, and illustrated with numerous photos and artifacts of the period, Tarzan Slept Here tells of life-changing decisions made by Burroughs, in this often overlooked chapter of his life.

To order your copy of Tarzan Slept Here: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Coldwater Connection (hardbound in dust jacket), send payment (check or money order) of $22.95 plus $4.50 shipping to:

Michael A. Hatt
898 Kelley Road
Montgomery, MI 49255

Visit the Tarzan Cartoons in previous Eclectica Issues:


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