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Volume 4594
The 1932 Foulds basic set of statues is a highly-prized collectible and includes: Tarzan with Cheeta, Kala holding baby Tarzan, Jane Porter, Numa the Lion, Sheeta the Panther, Witch Doctor, Pirate with treasure chest, Lt. D'Arnot, Cannibal Warrior and monkey trio.

The statues measure between 1" and 4.5" tall. They were made by GEM Clay Forming Company for distribution by sponsors of the 1932 Tarzan radio show which starred ERB's daughter Joan and her husband James Pierce. The statue sets were offered as a premium by Foulds, Heinz and others. 

Also featured here is promo material for the Foulds "Tarzan In Jungle Land" stage and statue set. The statues were issued unpainted, but the Tarzan statue came with a cardboard paint palette with six small paint discs attached and a paint brush.  This palette was intended for use in painting all statues in set. Some of the statues displayed here have been painted.

The stage is 12.75" x19.5" ith a die-cut marquee sign and attached accent tree leaf section. It is illustrated with a jungle scene which shows a tropical bird, monkey and hut which has a door that opens. 

Electrical Transcription ET Label
1932 Tarzan radio show


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