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Volume 4566

Continued from ERBzine 4565
Copyright 1964, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
Adapted by Mike Royer and Dale Broadhurst in 1964
A Souvenir of the 22nd Annual World Science Fiction Convention
Concluded in ERBzine 4567
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ERBzine Volume 1110

The Story Behind the Royer/Broadhurst 
Illustrated Adaptation of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Wizard of Venus
Copyright 1964, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
Mike Royer and Dale Broadhurst, Oregon, summer 1964
Mike Royer and Dale Broadhurst 1964
My first contact with Mike Royer came during the summer of 1964, when he submitted some fan art for my magazine, "The Burroughs Reader." Mike was then working at a sign shop in Oregon but he had been studying comics illustration for several years and was just then embarking upon the road to becoming a professional artist. 

Among the art samples he submitted to me was a two page introduction to ERB's "The Mad King," done up as a comic strip with a modern setting. The art showed considerable talent and I was certain that, sooner or later, Mike would realize his ambition of becomming a professional cartoonist or illustrator. His comics pages also gave me the idea of cooperating with him in working up a fan publication of some obscure ERB short story or novelette, as a comic book.

Copyright 1964, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
Further correspondence with Mike informed me that he was planning on attending the upcoming Science Fiction "Con" in Oakland, California. It occurred to us that we had just enough time to produce our ERB comic and take the published copies to the convention and distrivute them to the ERB fans who would be attending the concurrant "Dum Dum" gathering there. I contacted Hulbert Burroughs in Tarzana and received his permission for Mike and myself to produce a 36 page comics version of his father's "Wizard of Venus" story. Throughout July and August Mike and I were busy scripting the story, doing the page breakdowns and penciling in the panels for the 36 sheets of original art. I handled the literary/editorial end of things in Idaho and Mike performed the visual tasks in Oregon. He got the booklet printed and was stapling it together just as I arrived at his Oregon home on Sept. 4, 1964.
Mike Royer (left) and Dale Broadhurst (right) -- after 40 years
Mike Royer (left) and Dale Broadhurst (right) -- Years later.


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