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Art by Edward Mortelmans (1915-2008)
An advantage of living in Canada is that we have ready access to books published in the UK, USA and Canada. Back in 1962 -- before the invasion of the ACE and Ballantine ERB paperbacks -- I was thrilled to find paperbacks published by Four Square from England. My favourite local bookstore, Smart's Booksellers in Brandon, displayed a whole shelf of these gems -- for only 60 cents each. Throughout the '50s I had spent most of my allowance money on the available Grosset and Dunlap and Whitman editions, after which I scoured catalogues from book dealers across Canada, UK and USA to find the elusive out-of-print ERB titles. The Tarzan art that adorned the Four Square covers was very appealing and added to my excitement of having found these new treasures. I bought all the titles the bookstore had -- and they are still a valued part of my Burroughs collection. They are scattered across by ERB Bibliography series, but I thought that our readers would appreciate seeing them all in one place.
Wikipedia: Edward Mortelmans is a 20th-century English artist and illustrator. His primary modes of expression are watercolor and black and white line drawings. He is best known for illustrating some books by Gerald Durrell and some covers for books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Mortelmans was a watercolor artist, who commercially practiced cover artistry and book illustration, mostly for a visual audience of children and young adults. He illustrated the cover for a number of E. R. Burroughs paperback editions for Four Square Books. He did some magazine work, including cover design for the first American pulp magazine, Argosy. He has also been associated with illustrating several series, like the Twenty Names series of Hodder and Stoughton, How and Why Wonder Books of Corgi Books and the Oxford Graded Readers series of Oxford University Press. He has produced commissioned art for the British Railways. Edward Mortelmans' illustrations have been critically acclaimed.
Off-Site Examples of Non-Burroughs Cover Art by Mortelmans
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Renna Gade art

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