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Remembering Frank Westwood
Co-Founder of the British Edgar Rice Burroughs Society
and Editor of the Fantastic Worlds of ERB Fanzine
by Laurence Dunn
Frank Westwood, one of the founders of the British Edgar Rice Burroughs Society and editor of the society's journal The Fantastic Worlds of ERB, has sadly taken his final voyage down the River Iss. Earlier this year he had seen his doctor and told him that his heart was not working properly and had to have surgery for a triple by-pass operation. During his recovery period at home, he suffered a serious stroke that affected one side of his body. Only in recent weeks he managed to start talking again and have some movement in his arm. He was then moved into a care home in the last couple of weeks to assist in his recovery when I was given the sad news this morning by Rod Jackson, one of the co-founders of the Society that he had passed away the day before. His wife Doreen was at his side.

I first corresponded with Frank in late 1974 after an ad for the Society appeared in a newsstand journal called Science Fiction Monthly. It was another couple of years before I finally met both Frank and Rod at an event in London where the Society had a stand. It was the beginning of many years of visits and phone calls, discuss our favourite author and often have differences of opinion, but thatís what made it so much fun. We attended our first ERB convention together in Louisville in 1985 (although there had been a small get-together at the World SciFi Convention in Brighton, England in the summer of 1979) along with his wife Doreen and another fan, Ken Hall. 

For many years, Frank was the Society as some of the co-founders like Dick Ellingsworth, Paul Norman and Paul Privitera each gave less time as the years passed by. Frank hosted two very successful conventions which took place in London and Greystoke Castle on both occasions in 1988 and again in 1997. I shall never forget that night in 1988 when we approached the castle in our bus as Frank first of all played a tape with Ed Burroughs dictating one of his novels. For many of us, that was the first time we had ever heard Edís voice. Then as the bus turned a corner in the drive up to the castle, Frank played the theme tune from the movie, Greystoke. The moment was magical.

Many years ago he began writing a book that he titled the Martian Manuscripts of ERB as the Barsoomian novels were amongst his favourite. Sadly he never finished it. Frank was not overly impressed by the movie John Carter. He was a purist and Andrew Stanton had changed it too much for his liking. But at least he lived long enough to see Burroughs first Martian novel finally reach the big screen, unlike so many other friends that have passed away over the years. I always felt that Danton Burroughs was dealt a cruel blow when he passed away before seeing the film. Frank would often say that he thought Burroughs was on the verge of discovering something new when he talked of the various Barsoomian rays and he always hoped that one day, science would one day catch up with Burroughs vivid imagination.

Frank and Danton were so alike in their enthusiasm and passion for ERB that when you were with either of them, talking about Burroughs or his work, you became a part of it and every reason why you enjoyed reading Burroughs came alive. Both men enjoyed meeting new fans and Frank would take great delight in sharing his knowledge of the books and perhaps introduce them to other novels that they never knew the master story teller had written.

Frank was my introduction to ERB fandom and through him, my whole way of life changed forever. I have met so many friends around the world, attended countless ERB conventions and ultimately through them, I met my fiancé Judy. For a time, I was even Chairman of the Board for the Burroughs Bibliophiles and Frank could not be happier for me. But I owed it all to him.

I do not follow any religion, I never have done, but somehow I like to think that Frank and Danton have met up on that final voyage down the River Iss, and together they met Ed Burroughs and all of our favourite characters from the vast range of his novels and are sharing new adventures together.

A very dear friend and a dedicated fan of ERB has been lost to us today. RIP Frank, Iíll miss you.


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Circa 1980 Frank's Home - Joe Lukes visitingCirca 1980
Joe Lukes, Frank Shonfeld, Laurence Dunn, and Frank's sister Betty visit Frank at his home ~ circa 1980

ECOF 1985
ECOF 1985 ~ Rare Books Dept - University of Louisville: Frank, Danton Burroughs, Burne Hogarth, Doreen, George McWhorter

ECOF 1988
ECOF 1988 ~ Frank and Doreen with Jan Sissener and friend inside Greystoke Castle

ECOF 1985
ECOF 1985 ~ Louisville: Back L-R Jim Thompson, Shawn Cassidy, Joe Wilcoxen, Tom Lindgreen,
Frank Shonfeld, ???, John McGuigan, Tony Menegazzo, Dave Gnatowsky, Kevin Julius,
George McWhorter, Peter Link, Bobbie Rucker, unknown behind her, Gino Amatangelo, ???,
Laurence Dunn, Mike Conran, Rich Dumont, ???.
Front L-R Brian Bohnett, Frank Westwood, Joan Bledig, Ralph Brown, Bill Ross.

ECOF 1985
ECOF 1985 ~ Back L-R: Darrel Richardson, Joe Lukes, Huck, ???, Pete Ogden, Shawn Cassidy,
George McWhorter, Mitchell Harrison, ???, Linda and Jim Thompson.
Middle L-R: Bill Ross, Fred Lukas, Mike Conran, Joe Wilcoxen, two boys, Wanda Lucas, Joan Ogden.
Front L-R: ???, Kathy Ross, John Roy

ECOF 1988
.Burroughs fans at the Greystoke Castle gate ~ ECOF 1988



FRANK WESTWOOD (bottom right) with Danton Burroughs and other fanzine editors:
Clockwise from Frank: Bill Ross, Peter Ogden, Danton, Mike Conran, and George McWhorter

Frank Westwood's commuting vehicle to Pellucidar.
The Mole poised for launch in his English garden.

Rod Jackson Remembers
For over forty years Frank Westwood's was the name that came to mind when any reference to Burroughs fandom in the UK was made. He was equally well known on the other side of the Atlantic through his editorship of The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the various vacations and convention attendances in the USA that he and Doreen made in the 1980s and 90s.

I first met Frank in 1969, through the medium of Gordon Landsborough of Four Square Books, who asked if I would like to be put in touch with a fellow Burroughs fan. Frank impressed me straightaway with his knowledge of the author and his book collection, and six years later we helped to found the British Edgar Rice Burroughs Society. From the ninth issue of the Societyís Journal Frank took up the editorship and attracted a worldwide subscription, presenting the readership with articles, artwork and correspondence that had a uniquely British slant on all aspects of ERB. In 1988 and 1997 he and Doreen organised two memorable conventions, based in both London and the very special venue of Greystoke in Cumbria.

When I first knew him Frank was working on a comprehensive survey of the Barsoomian series, which he had titled The Martian Manuscripts of Edgar Rice Burroughs, a work which sadly was not fully completed when he passed away. (Laurence Dunn hopes to put the finishing touches to this work and have it published at some future date).

Frank was admired by all who knew him for his friendship, generous and sympathetic nature, and for his boundless and infectious enthusiasm for ERB. We will all miss him so much.

~ Rod Jackson
Co-founder of the British Edgar Rice Burroughs Society

Rod Jackson and Frank Westwood - 1970

London Fan Gathering 1974

Frank Westwood's
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