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A Fantastic California Desert Retreat
Hosted by Robin Maxwell and Max Thomas
The day we were to leave L.A. / Tarzana 
to visit our friends in Yucca Valley, 
we stopped in at Westfield Promenade
- shopping mall for Macy's - 
across the street from our convention hotel 
- The Woodland Hills Marriott. 
We hadn't been to this side of the store 
and were surprised by this display.
We were alarmed to see 
a hobbit trapped under the bells. 
We later learned that the little guy 
had actually been hired to ring the bells.
As you can see from the previous picture...
these bells are huge!
This is the plaque explaining the "source of inspiration" 
or this display of Americana...
We couldn't leave Tarzana without 
one last visit to Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. on Ventura.
Plants are always fascinating,
and this cactus at the back of the office is no exception.
The office is well hidden by 
a verdant shield from busy Ventura Blvd...
The veranda alongside of the front of the office
offers cool respite for the visitor and for those inside.
Could this be one of Tarzan's jungle vines?
I am in many plants, 
so little time to enjoy them all...
I even took pictures of the plants in the parking lot!
More of the ERB jungle...
Bill visits ERB president Jim Sullos one last time.
The ERB Inc. offices were swamped with fans and 
camera crews all during the Centennial celebrations
When we visited a few days later, 
they all were still trying to catch their breaths.
.More of the ERB jungle...
Bill hoping to soak in more of ERB's aura. 
This is the tree under which ERB's ashes are buried.
I just love the tree; 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' aura is a bonus ;-)
Leaving L.A - Highway 101 South - Road East to High Desert Eden!
Robin said we would pass a "Wind Farm"
...who knew! 4000 windmills?!
. . . even the hills are alive!
I'm going to quote some of Robin's directions because she is a writer,
and her directions are so descriptive - like her novels.
"'ll go up a steep grade (about 4 minutes driving). 
At the top is Morongo Valley...
there is another less steep grade...
on the left is McRogue's Coffee House...
" drive up into the rocks...
about 3 breaths past the town...
...the only place open is Pappy and Harriet's
(but closed on Monday and Tuesday - more on this to come)
The "profile" of Pappy's...
Pioneertown's own OK Correl - REALLY! 
Built by Roy Rogers and Gene Autry for their films and TV shows.
"Go three more miles The road becomes a rollercoaster"...
(one to rival any amusement park!)
Look for the Pioneertown Mountain Preserve sign, 
make a right, and immediately start looking for....
...there used to be a big sign there, 
but now only a wooden frame where the sign was. 
There will be a less visible vertical road sign...
Make a left. Ignore the house on the right (your right)
and bearing slightly left, continue down a dirt road..."
Here is home... 
High Desert Eden!
OMG! EDEN in the high desert! 
This is the guest casita...
"a high desert retreat to sooth your soul"...
No doubt about it! 
If you're ever in need, this is definitely the right place...
.We are there!


Hillmans' High Desert Eden Adventure

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