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Volume 4143
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Part III in ERBzine 4143

Featuring Lex Barker

Adventures of Tarzan
Starring Lex Barker ~ 1955

I was a big fan of View-Master back in the '50s. One of my first. . .and favourite. . . reels was the Adventures of Tarzan featuring Lex Barker. This was a 1955 gift from Santa Claus who left it in my Xmas stocking. Lex's 3-D photos illustrated the short story that was related in the accompanying booklet. I had already been a fan of the Barker Tarzan films that were shown in our local Bend Theatre. This also started me off on a life-long love of 3-D images leading to a collection of 3-D comics, as well as thousands of Stereoview images from over a century ago that I've shared on my site at:
. .

1. Tarzan and Cheta greet Kota the Turtle.

2. Tarzan leaves but lazy Cheta won't follow.

3. Numa, the Lion stalks Cheta.

4. Cheta screams for Tarzan.

 5. Tarzan to the Rescue.

6. Tarzan vanquishes Numa.
. .

7. Tarzan shouts news to jungle friends.


View-master Scene 1
The wise Tarzan tells Cheta that Kota, the turtle, has a good disposition and would always be a good friend.
"You must be careful in choosing your animal friends," Tarzan adds.
"Even I must be wary of someone like Numa, the lion, who has tried several times to attack and kill me."

Viewmaster Scene 2
"Now it's time for us to hunt for our dinner," Tarzan says. "Let's go."

But Cheta feels lazy today. She doesn't want to go hunting, and argues with Tarzan.
"I've got something else to do," she fibs. She has nothing more to do than eat and nap.

"I shouldn't leave you alone, Cheta," Tarzan says.

This makes no impression on the willful chimp. She is determined to stay behind.
So Tarzan, against his better judgment, goes hunting without his faithful-pet.
He knows she would make a tender meal herself for a wild animal.

Viewmaster Scene 3
Tarzan was right!
The terrible Numa, hungry for his own dinner, stalks and finds Cheta alone.
Numa knows she is defenseless.
Poor Cheta has started to eat a banana and doesn't even hear Numa.
But when Numa growls, she hears!
She hears Numa mutter,
"I must eat her before Tarzan returns."
Cheta is terrified.
She is no match for the King of beasts! What can she do?
Viewmaster Scene 4

The only thing Cheta can do is scream for Tarzan to rescue her.
She screams at the top of her voice.
"Tarzan! Tarzan! Help, help!! Numa is going to eat me up! Come quick Tarzan!
Help me, oh help me!!"
Viewmaster Scene 5

With the speed of a bird, Tarzan swings through the trees and arrives just in time.
He steals up quietly behind Numa, lest Numa hear him and run away.
This is a bad lion and Tarzan wants to finish his career of killing and bloodshed.
He raises his sheath knife and plunges it down.
Viewmaster Scene 6

Tarzan vanquishes Numa.
The vicious lion rolls over dead.
No longer need innocent jungle creatures fear this crafty killer.
Cheta is so grateful she almost cries.
She vows to Tarzan that she will never leave his side again.
Viewmaster Scene 7

Tarzan gives his famous yell and Cheta joins in.
In this way they tell all their jungle friends that Numa, their enemy, is dead.
In this way they also warn their other enemies to beware.

Collage of Tarzan View-Master I
Part I in ERBzine 0840
Part II in ERBzine 4142
Part III in ERBzine 4143

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