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Edgar Rice Burroughs: The War Years
Rare Wartime Photos
from the
Deedee (Cecil) Burnside Collection
My mother, Cecil Burnside, played paddle tennis in Honolulu with Edgar Rice and Hulbert in about 1940 to 1942. 

My mother died in 1997 at the age of 89 and she remembered her days in Hawaii lovingly. 

We watched the bombing of Pearl Harbor from the beach at the Niumalu Hotel. 

I was four and I remember seeing the black sky. 

My father was in the Philippines, Captain of the Submarine, the Saury (John Lockwood Burnside.) 

The other people in the pictures are Gene Armour (the lady) and Duke Willey. 

Deedee (Cecil) Burnside 

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Hulbert Burroughs

Cecil Burnside and ERB

Cecil ~ Hully ~ Gene Armour

Duke Willey ~ Cecil ~ ERB

Hully ~ Duke Willey ~ Cecil ~ Edgar Rice Burroughs

Excerpts from ERB's 1942 letters to daughter Joan from Hawaii:
January 10 1942
"Hulbert and I manage to get in from three to five sets of tennis every day.  It helps to keep us in condition. 

Our partners are usually Cecil Burnside, whose husband is a submarine commander, and "Duke" Wylie (sic), a Mainland business man stranded here like myself.

This tennis has helped to bring our weights down.  This morning, Hulbert weighed 174 and I 175.  If I get any closer to him, he'll stop eating entirely.  I have come down 25 lbs, and no longer look as though I were enceinte.

"Thinking that you might like to see some of my playmates, I am enclosing prints of some shots Hulbert made in January.  Have been all this time trying to get the negatives from him.  When they came, they were marked 'Do not scratch, mark, or fingerprint.'  Jack will appreciate this. 

"Cecil Burnside is the wife of a submarine commander.  She hasn't seen him since October or November.  She has had a couple of cables from him filed at 'Sansorigine'.  The first one had everybody in the hotel searching atlases to locate Sansorigine.  One bright guy said he knew just about where it was, but that it was not on his map.  Finally, some one realized that it was French for 'without origin'.  The location of his sub is, of course, a military secret. 

"Jean Armor's husband is a lieutenant on a cruiser.  She has been evacuated. She has a son in that military academy which is, I think, located at the old Whitley place near you. 

"'Duke' Willey is manager of the Remington-Rand branch here.  He is a major in the BMTC.  He has travelled the east for some concern for many years, and he and his wife are very familiar with Japan, Manila, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  One meets many interesting people at this 'Crossroads of the Pacific'."


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Edgar Rice Burroughs
The War Years
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.Edgar Rice Burroughs: The War Years


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