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Second Teaser For Animated Film TARZAN 3D
Unlike the Disney version, Constantin Film and Ambient Entertainment bring a fresh, modern spin on Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan of the Apes in Reinhard Klooss's 3D animated film Tarzan with Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga) providing the voice and motion-capture performance for the jungle hero. Also in the cast is Spencer Locke (Resident Evil films) as Jane Porter and Trevor St. John as William Clayton, the CEO of Greystoke Energies who sends a mercenary army to eliminate Tarzan and Jane.

While in a remote part of Africa exploring a mineral cache in a mysterious cave, entrepreneur JOHN GREYSTOKE and his wife ALICE are killed in a tragic helicopter crash, leaving their three-year-old JOHN, JR. to fend for himself. Rescued by KALA, a gentle ape, the traumatized child is brought up by a band of mountain gorillas as one of their own, learning the ways of the wild as he grows into a strong and independent young man known as TARZAN. At 14, Tarzan first encounters another human: JANE PORTER, a pretty and intrepid teen visiting Africa with her naturalist father. His contact with a creature so like himself leaves him unsettled and yearning for more.

The gorilla tribe's longtime leader dies and is succeeded by a brutal silverback named TUBLAT, who settles an old score by driving Tarzan out of the group. As Tarzan wanders alone, he stumbles on the wreckage of the helicopter, where he unknowingly triggers a signal to his late father's company. CLAYTON, a ruthlessly ambitious executive at Greystoke Industries, hires Jane and her father with a greedy scheme that will destroy the entire ecosystem. Jane, hoping to derail the plan, reconnects with Tarzan and becomes a target for both Clayton and Tublat. Facing deadly challenges from man and beast, Tarzan must use his jungle intuition and his human intellect to save his home and the woman he loves.

A spectacular animated safari into a vibrant and exotic landscape, TARZAN 3D is a gorgeously rendered, action-packed journey through a magnificently imagined world.

The theatrical release date in Germany is October 10. You'll find two teaser trailers embedded below.

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John Carter of Mars Film
Tarzan Moves from Hamburg to Stuttgart in November
On November 21st 2013 Disney's Musical Tarzan will have its premiere in Stuttgart. Stage entertainment has invested  nearly 20 million euros in elaborate production costs for this Stuttgart musical. On April 25, 2013 the main actors for Tarzan and Jane were presented by president of Stage Entertainment Germany and Jeff Lee, Associate Director von Disneys Musical TARZAN.

There is much information and many photos on both productions at:

Hamburg Contact Info
Scene photos from Hamburg
Pressbooks (digital)
PressMap Texts
Submitted by Ron de Laat

Tarzan: The Musical

Coming Soon from ERB, Inc.

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LORDS OF MARS (An unauthorized comic from Dynamite)
An epic crossover event starring the two greatest heroes of pulp fiction begins this June! The legendary Ape-Man has claimed his title as Lord of Greystoke, but his very life is threatened when a hunting excursion with his fellow “gentlemen” goes disastrously wrong. Meanwhile, on Mars, John Carter is forced to respond to a veiled threat from his defeated enemies. Mars and Earth might be separated by millions of miles, but a sinister force is at work on both planets, setting the two champions on a deadly collision course. It all starts with Lords of Mars #1: The Hunting Party. Set phasers for “mayhem”!

 The Only Estate Authorized Andre Norton Website
We would like to invite you to view the new Andre-Norton-Books.com website. A non-profit site staffed by volunteers solely dedicated to the memory and works of Andre Norton. We have no ads and our purchase links are for your convenience only. There are thousands of images and hundreds of articles. It is our hope that you take the time to look at everything, but keep in mind we are adding new stuff every day.

We have come a very long way since we started online way back in 2004. This site is based on the original Andre-Norton-Books.com site but with major improvements. This is now home to a fully search-able database on the the life and works of Andre Norton. We are very pleased to announce that we have an interview of Andre on video that up to this point has never been seen by the public. Just look under the biblography section of this site and you will find it.

So use this site to learn all about Andre's wonderful work. Hopefully you will find some books to read and share with a friend. There are interesting tid-bits of trivia and interesting images spread throughout the site. You may just find something you have never seen before and you will also find that there are many titles targeted to young readers making Andre Norton an excellent author to get youngsters interested in Science Fiction & Fantasy which will only enhance their much needed imaginations.

Andre Norton Through the Years
Wonder Boyz Release New Single, 'Tarzan'
kpopstarz.com ~ May 15, 2013
On May 14, the four-men group released the song to all music websites and will begin their album activities beginning this week. "Tarzan" received a lot of attention especially with the featuring of Girls' Day Hyeri in its teaser. Their debut song, "Open the Door," which was released last October, was able to achieve moderate success in K-pop with its fun, bad boy colors. "Tarzan" reportedly features strong, charismatic images, switching gears completely from Wonder Boyz's debut looks.

"Tarzan" was produced by Ryan S. JHun and David Rodman who have worked with SHINee, TVXQ, f(x), Lee Hyori and Super Junior. The song is a combination of reggae and dance. Wonder Boyz's management company stated, "The members of Wonder Boyz are preparing for their comeback stage day and night. We hope to present the fans something completely new so please look forward to our return."

pop!gasa.com translation of lyrics
I want to be with you like Tarzan make a thrilla in manilla or an island
We dance together like we’re gonna be gone with the end, I’ll whisper to you so no one knows
Hold my hand, I’m your Tarzan (x2)
You’re my Jane, I’ll be your Tarzan, Tarzan, Tarzan
(I’ll be your) whoa whoa whoa (x4)
Hold my hand, I’m your Tarzan (x2)
You’re my Jane, I’ll be your Tarzan, Tarzan, Tarzan (I’ll be your)

Let’s only leave memories and get away somewhere
Let’s only leave scars and get away somewhere
Let’s only leave a trace and get away somewhere
I’m lonely in this forest without you
Can you hear me swinging through the trees by myself?
The good memories change into empty sounds
Close your eyes and imagine our story
I can’t do anything without you

Come closer let me hold you, why don’t you know my heart?
Got you rescue I’ll come get you, my heart hurts so much
Time’s a wasting stop debating, let’s hold hands
And I’ll take you high high high, please don’t say bye bye bye

You were like the sun but you left so my blue eyes only see darkness
I can’t breathe and the forest is a mess
The thorns pierce me and it hurts
I call out an SOS to you but my cell phone won’t work
I can’t figure out why you left
I’m going crazy, is it all my fault?
This game of tag is now over, stop it, stop doing this to me
Hug me, block me, where you going Jane?

I wait for that day, if you please come back to me, from here (from here)
So far from here (so far from here) nothing to feel
But I’m still okay, I’m here where the memories rest
I am (what you look for) and you know I can (I can be your)
Be your Tarzan

 How Robin Maxwell's 
Jane, the woman who loved Tarzan, was conceived
Reprinted from the ERB, Inc. Site
Review by Margaret Leubs for the Newsletter Purple Sage 
of the Eash Sierra Branch, California Writers Club

Robin Maxwell introduced herself to the Ridge Writers by explaining that she too was a desert denizen, as she and her husband run a bed and breakfast near Yucca Valley.

She then told us how she came to be interested in both Tarzan and Jane. Tarzan was her first heartthrob, a gorgeously muscled he-man, living free. The romantic in her loved that he loved an American girl.

She also enjoyed other comics, such as Superman, but no super-hero could hold a candle to Tarzan. She never actually read Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels, but she did love the movies based on them.

Life went on, and she forgot all about Tarzan for decades – until the movie “Greystoke” came out. The second half of the movie left her cold, because in that movie Jane never gets to the jungle. But the first half reminded Maxwell of her early love for the character of Tarzan.

Maxwell has been writing historical novels for over 15 years. Three years ago, after finishing O Juliet, she began to wonder what her next book would be about. Maybe more literary lovers? That made her think of Tarzan and Jane, though her husband was dubious.

She had two friends who were already working with the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate for another project, and from them she learned that Burroughs had written a total of 24 Tarzan novels and that the estate would expect her to treat him well. So she read the first novel and was blown away by Burroughs’ storytelling ability.

When she spoke to the president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Jim Sullos, he told her that the estate hadn’t authorized a new Tarzan novel in 30 years. Then she told him her idea – Tarzan from Jane’s point of view – and three seconds later he said he loved the idea. He also told her that 2012 was the 100th anniversary of the first published novel, so her timing was good.

Then she had to come up with a detailed outline for Jim to pitch to the board of directors. This required a great deal of research, as is typical for Maxwell when she writes historical fiction. The right books always seem to fall into her lap, she said.

She read about the rape of Africa, chimpanzees and gorillas, feral children, the “missing link” in human evolution, and Edwardian women. Google Earth was a favorite tool, and YouTube turns out to be very good for seeing places that you can’t manage to visit in person.

Then she watched the films. She couldn’t get the early silent Tarzans, but did watch the Weissmuller films. The first two are very sensual, and the second, made in 1934, contains a nude swimming scene that caused the Hayes Code to be strengthened.

The more Maxwell read, the more the story came into focus. She knew that the story had to be fresh and relevant. Sensibilities have changed since Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote the original books. Seventy percent of readers today are women (though in fact, Jane has slightly moreRobin Maxwell shows Ridge Writers the cover of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original Tarzan book. Photo by Lizmale than female readers). Maxwell was determined that her Jane would be forward thinking and well-educated. She also wanted a kindler, gentler Tarzan, not as quick to kill animals or taunt local tribesmen. Through trauma he had forgotten who he was and would find himself through the love of a woman.

Maxwell wanted every part of her story to be grounded in reality, unlike the original story, which was more of a fantasy. Her Jane was a tomboy, the only child of a professor and amateur paleoanthropologist. Maxwell’s story differs from the original in several other ways as well.

First, Maxwell’s Jane and her father are not part of a treasure-hunting expedition, but rather are searching for “missing link” fossils. Instead, they find a “missing link” tribe – the Mangani who brought Tarzan up.

Second, Maxwell’s Tarzan was taken from his parents at age four, not one, so that he was able to speak and even read and write a little, which made his later ability to learn language more probable. The Burroughs estate did not likethat change, but she insisted on it.

Our speaker, Robin Maxwell, poses with the announcement of her talk that our hosts at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church graciously put on the church’s streetside sign. Thank you, Ridgecrest Presbyterian!

Third, the original Jane is accompanied by a black maid (a “Mammy” type character) and is always civilized. But Maxwell wanted her Jane to have a character arc and wanted her to be alone with Tarzan for long periods of time.

Fourth, Tarzan and Jane have a love affair, in the fullest sense of the term. This was a major violation of the Burroughs estate rules, but Maxwell managed to get their rule changed in her contract, agreeing only that the sex would be tasteful.

Maxwell pitched her story to Jim Sullos for five solid hours, after which he had to convince the board of directors. She waited a month, during which time she did no work on the book. Finally she got the go-ahead.

Her next job was to do the detailed plotting, including how to get Tarzan and Jane to “meet cute.” The estate began sending her images of Tarzan and Jane, and she was put in touch with a Tarzan illustrator, Thomas Yates, who sent her many of his illustrations.

Her agent found her a home with Tor Books (a division of Macmillan), and there was a bidding war for the audio book. In March of last year, Maxwell spoke at a major Tarzan and comics convention. She met Jane Goodall, who had always been a Tarzan fan. Goodall read Jane, loved it, and agreed to endorse it, which was a major coup.

Maxwell noted that authors are often warned not to fall in love with their characters, but she thinks that’s hogwash. She said she is profoundly grateful for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ magnificent creation. As a finale to her program, she showed a montage of pictures of Tarzan and Jane through the years, set to music.

Afterwards she took a few questions. One person asked whether she is writing a script of her novel, since she was originally a screenwriter.

Unfortunately, Warner Brothers has a Tarzan project that has been in production for six years, possibly a series. So Maxwell has to be patient. She submitted a treatment of her book to Warner Bros., and asked them not to “step on Jane’s toes” in their movie.

Maybe her book could be a prequel. Or maybe a TV series. I certainly hope to see Robin Maxwell’s vision of Jane on the screen sometime soon.


Ex-‘Tarzan’ actor losing possession of pet tigers and leopard
after accepting plea deal for mishandling big cats
Palm Beach Post - May 17, 2013

A tearful Steven Sipek, better known as “Tarzan,” acknowledged Friday that it is unlikely he will ever again be allowed to live with his beloved big cats after admitting he violated state wildlife laws by keeping two tigers and a black leopard in his Loxahatchee home. “I’ve taken care of animals all my life and now I’ve lost them,” the 71-year-old red-eyed giant of a man said outside a Palm Beach County courtroom after accepting a plea deal. “They have something against me. I don’t know what. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

As part of the agreement, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges — exhibiting wildlife without a proper permit and failing to cage the animals properly. Those charges will disappear in a year if he pays the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission the $4,800 it has spent caring for the animals since they were seized from his home in February 2012. Sipek also agreed to pay an undetermined amount to transport the tigers, Bo and Lepa, and the leopard, Oko, to their ultimate home. He said the animals are now in Dade City, north of Lakeland. FWC officials didn’t respond to requests for comment. In court, prosecutors said agency officials weren’t happy with the plea deal. It also appears there are questions about where the cats will end up.

Sipek, a native of Croatia who was dubbed the “Spanish Tarzan” during his acting career, said he was hoping they would be placed in a facility in Okeechobee where he could visit them. While he wouldn’t name the facility, it is likely Animal Adventures, a 1,100-acre family-owned ranch that takes in homeless wildlife. It is open to the public by reservation.

Nick Atwood, of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, applauded the state’s decision to permanently remove the cats from Sipek’s home, action he described as rare. However, he said, they must assure the cats end up in good hands. “My concern is making sure they have a permanent retirement in a safe place,” he said. Animal Adventures seems to be having difficulty caring for the animals it has, Atwood said, referring to a recent inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s not unusual. There are very few facilities in the state that are capable of caring for abandoned wildlife, he said. He said he believes the tears Sipek cried at Friday’s hearing were real. “I’m sure he’s a good person and I’m sure he loves his animals,” Atwood said. Unfortunately, he said, for years Sipek has been unable to satisfy state and federal caging requirements designed to keep the animals and the public safe. That was vividly illustrated in 2004 when one of his cats, a 600-pound tiger named Bobo, escaped. It disappeared for 26 hours before it was shot to death by a wildlife officer.

FWC officials said last year that they had been working with Sipek to correct violations but their efforts failed. However, Sipek said, the cats that he slept with and allowed to roam his house were never mistreated. His attorney agreed. “It’s an unfortunate situation that FWC reacted this way in this particular case,” said attorney Rob Melchiorre. “A lot of things were done to spite Steve Sipek.”

Steve Sipek Speaks After Removal of Tigers, Leopard

Steve "Tarzan" Hawkes
Steve Hawkes Posters


Edgar Rice Burroughs: The War Years
Rare Wartime Photos from the
Deedee (Cecil) Burnside Collection

Teenage Ray Bradbury with Marlene Dietrich
Ref: http://io9.com
In this picture, you can see the fifteen-year-old Ray Bradbury — long before his famous author days — posing with the incredible movie star and singer Marlene Dietrich. How did this happen? Over on Dangerous Minds, Tara McGinley contextualizes this odd coupling with a few telling quotes from interviews that Bradbury did over the years. He told Playboy that he'd moved to Hollywood with his family when he was fourteen, and that he loved to chase down movie stars on his roller skates:

I was madly in love with Hollywood . . . I skated all over town, hell-bent on getting autographs from glamorous stars. It was glorious. I saw big MGM stars such as Norma Shearer, Laurel and Hardy, Ronald Coleman. Or I’d spend all day in front of Paramount or Columbia, then zoom over to the Brown Derby to watch the stars coming or going. I’d see Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich, Fred Allen, Burns and Allen—whoever was on the Coast. Mae West made her appearance—bodyguard in tow—every Friday night.

In a LIFE interview, he added:
I still have my autographs and a few roller skate ball bearings left over from those days so long ago. Almost all of the people I met then are gone, but miraculously Marlene and George have survived. The light that comes out of these pictures is a constant rerun of my life as a somewhat silly but always loving boy, terribly reluctant to enter manhood.


The ERBzine Ray Bradbury Tribute: ERBzine 3724
Tarzan in the Movies
ERB: The War Years

For more see our Collage Archive

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Tarsa is a Finnish series written by a Finnish soldier Lahja Valakivi during 1940 and 1941.

In the Tarsa books the hero is a young orphan boy Tarsa, who's raised by a family of bears. It seems that Tarsa is a mixture of John Carter and Tarzan, as he's battling against Soviet soldiers with some mystic powers.

It's not known if Valakivi originally wrote these four Tarsa books as a parody of the original Tarzan. I've just heard from a woman I am going to interview on this Tarsa subject, that the Finnish literature professors never spoke of Tarsa when talking about the war-time literature of Finland. As a result the subject, the books, as well the author, have been forgotten.

I believe Tarzan reflected a great deal in popular culture in general those years, but the only parody-like Tarzan thing I have ever heard about was the erotic Tarzan comic, Karzan.

Below are some fresh pics I took on the two of the Tarsa book covers, namely Tarsa Hyrsylän mutkassa (Hyrsylä was a well-known Finnish Winter War 1939-1940 battle place) which was written 1940 as well Tarsa ja Kuudes kolonna. "Kuudes kolonna" is itself a translation of "Sixth column, so the name has something to do with traitors, whereas "a fifth column is a group of people who undermine a larger group, such as a nation or a besieged city, from within".

About the hero Tarsa itself. I have not read any other books, except 30 first pages of the beginning of Kuudes kolonna book. Anyway, the beginnings of Tarsa are very similar to what we have in Tarzan, as well the biblical myth of moses. Almost a year old baby boy is found on a basket of shingle somewhere in the depths of deserty Finnish forests probably around the times of Finnish Civil War 1917-1918 or some years before (the stories of the books take place in the winter war, and I believe Tarsa is in his 20's probably, maybe 30) by a bear mother.  He then grows in a family of bears. Somehow, while growing up with bears, Tarsa will develope himself some ultra powers, which he uses in the battle against Sovjet soldiers.

In some of the books it's told that Tarsa for example brushes his teeth with a single nail of shingle roof. He can also survive two weeks in forest by eating blackberries as well drinking the swamp and nature waters. Somehow, in a couple of years, he succees to become a colonel of Finnish army. So, like Phantom by Lee Falk, he sometimes leaves the deep forests, and travels to Helsinki, where in the city part of Kaisaniemi he has gotten a girl friend.


"Burroughs inspired Lahja Johannes Valakivi (1892-1956), an officer and a teacher, to publish under the pseudonym L. Valakivi four Tarsa novels, Karhumies Tarsa (1940), Tarsa Hyrsylän mutkassa (1940), Tarsan kuudes kolonna(1941), and Tarsa ja pakoluolan salaisuus (1941). In the first book the young and orphaned Tarsa is raised by a bear and gains enormous strength from its milk. Similarities with Burroughs's stories were not coincidental. Tarsa's archenemies were the Russians – a natural choice after the Winter War (1939-40), in which the nation fought against the Soviet aggression."

Here you will find something on English on the author.

I took the pics on these two books at Oulu University library. The books are a part of the library's deposit books. They are even hard to find in Finland, because after the war all kind of literature culture music what ever which had a single thing on Sovjet, were all the time controlled. There was even a special war book ban during the war years and after.

Now I found that Tarsa gots his powers from bear milk. A similarity to comic heroes like Asterix or Popeye, as well what I can remember Phantom always drinks milk, while he's wandering in the cities :)

Below is some info on author Lahja Valakivi in Finnish.

Submitted by
Arto Kiuru ~ Nekalantie 48 C 8 ~ 33800 Tampere ~ Finland


Tarzan of the Apes Illustration from Evening World
January 7, 1913

Teach English to Russians using
Tarzan and the Red Hyena



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