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Volume 4127
ERB Letters Section
A December 9, 1945 Letter 
to Marjorie Westendarp in Coldwater, Michigan.
(Transcribed by Bill Hillman)
This 1945 letter from ERB, on leave in Tarzana, to Niece Marjorie Westendarp in Coldwater
is on display at the Wing Museum in Coldwater, Michigan.
(Marjorie is daughter of Emma's sister, Leila)

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzana, California
December 9, 1945

Dear Marjorie:

Your sweet letter of November 24th was forwarded to me from Honolulu. Hully got a 30 day leave, and he and I flew to San Francisco November 17th, I with 45 days travel orders.

Then Hully got a 20 day assignment at an Air Post within driving distance of Los Angeles, and is still here and now waiting for a further extension to complete his work. So we were both here for Christmas, the first one I have spent with my children in eleven years; and this time there were also four grandchildren. We had a wonderful Christmas.

After Christmas, I went into the hospital for an abdominal operation -- just another hernia to add to my collection of scars. I was discharged yesterday afternoon. But as the doctor says that I mustn't fly for three weeks, I got a 30 day extension of my travel orders, and shall be here the remainder of this month.

Joan and Jack, being here, were pretty much broken up over Emma's death; but they are reconciled to it, for her condition was hopeless and she was most unhappy.  It was the only possible solution of what had become a nightmare to all of us.

Jack has two beautiful boys, really beautiful. Joan II, who is just fifteen, is five feet nine and a regular Conover model. She is gorgeous. Joan's Mike , who is ten, is a handsome boy and all boy. He was one of the the sweetest dispositions I have ever encountered.  I don't have to add that I am very proud of my children and grandchildren.

Joan's divorce will become final fin May. She married heel, and was loyal to him for much too long. She is a grand girl. Hully is a captain in the Air Force, and Jack is working at an essential job in Warner Brothers art department.  He would rather be in the Army, but with a wife and two babies he will stay out until drafted.

Skee looked me up when he came to Honolulu. He is a fine boy. I was very proud of him. He gave me the first Coldwater news I had had in years. "Nobody ever tells me anything."

It was good to have a letter from you, dear; and I hope you get around to writing another at least before 1947.

My love to you both,
(sig) Ed

Edgar Rice Burroughs' 
Wartime Autograph Book Series 
1944: September/October/November
For more than a quarter of a century, I have been giving autographs. 
Thousands of them. And I have never asked for one. 
The worm has turned. He wants your autograph. Thanks! 
 Edgar Rice Burroughs 
United Press, Honolulu
ERB's Great Nephew: George "Skee" Parker

September 21, 1944
P.F.C. Robert H. Lang - U.S.M.C. - Route I, Box 237 - Lake Charles, La. | Don Jackson's driver
October 2, 1944
1st Lt. George "Skee" Parker - USMC - Coldwater, Mich - Your Great Nephew
1st. Lt. George R. Strimbech??? - USMC - 325 Wilson Ave, Morgantown, W. Va.
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