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Atan & Kalan Yos: Gogo, Ud & Popo
Photos by Sue-On and Bill Hillman
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Most of the DD2012 photos and captions on this page are
adapted from Sue-On Hillman's FaceBook Galleries.
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Day One Lunchtime.
The buzz around the Marriott Hotel lobby was that Ruby's Diner, a high end hamburger joint 
across the street in the Westfield Promenade might be a good way to kick off the afternoon.
Sue-On and I met up with Willie and Janet from the ERB, Inc. office and during our trek to the eatery 
we were joined by Ray and Shirley La Beau from Chicago. 
Upon entering we found we were in good company as nearly all the seats of the '40s/'50s-style diner 
were taken by ravenous Dum-Dum Mangani. 
We were lucky to find two adjacent booths. 
While waiting for our order Sue-On captured many of our fellow diners on camera.

Willie Jones, Sue-On and Bill Hillman
Ray Le Beau, Shirley Le Beau, and Janet Mann were in the booth behind us (photo lost).
Kevin Robinette, another presenter is in the booth behind Willie.
Willie Jones is a veteran ERB, Inc. staffer who has been with the organization for most of her life
. . . O the stories she could tell : )
Jim Sullos ~ Bill Hillman ~ Willie Jones
Tour the ERB, Inc. Offices

Willie Jones and Janet Mann
Along with Cathy Mann Wilbanks, Willie and Janet are 
the ladies who keep ERB, Inc running smoothly every day.

Take Me Back to Barsoom - I Want a Sequel Members
Michael D. Sellers and some of the "Barsoom Sequel" members, 
led by Jan Austin who, via her +11,000-member FaceBook site is 
pressing for a John Carter of Mars film sequel.
We first made contact with Michael Sellers almost 10 years ago 
when he and Rena visited Danton at his home
Michael has done an incredible job of promoting Disney's John Carter of Mars film
through his John Carter Files site, promotional videos and dedicated Web presence. . .
. . . a task that seemed beyond the capabilities of their advertising and promotion department.
Michael and Rena Sellers, with Danton Burroughs

Tim Clark ~ Scott Tracy Griffin ~ Bill Wagner ~ Mike Conran ~ Michael Shaw
This diner brings back memories of a previous Dum-Dum visit to 
Gerald Spannraft's famous Coca-Cola and Jungle Rooms in his Chicago home:

Brad Vinson, Rudy Sigmund, Dave Fury, 
a young fan beside Dave, and Frank Grainger in the back.

Dr. Brad Vinson ot Texas 
has an amazing ERB art collection.

Brad has so many stories about his dad Stan Vinson
in the good ole days of ERB collecting. 

Rudy Sigmund hosted the successful 
ECOF 2011 in Minneapolis - 
an event into which he put 
countless hours in the planning
and financing.

Maureen O'Sullivan:
"No Average Jane" - 
just one of the many 
fine ERB-related books
written by David Fury.

Many of the items in the 
Morgan City Tarzan Museum 
which was a part of the Al Bohl 
2012 Tarzan Festival came from
the collection of Frank Grainger.

Greg Phillips, Kenneth Manson and Tom Tolley also enjoyed the diner.

Journalist Kenneth Manson, 
also a Mucker, 
has many feature articles
in ERBzine, such as
Danton Burroughs Talks Family

Artist Greg Phillips is a
founding member of the
Chicago Muckers
a very active Chapter of 
the Burroughs Bibliophiles.

Tom Tolley 
of the Sacramento Library 
was a major force behind 
North California Mangani
Tarzan Centennial Event



Evening Mingling Session
Temperatures through the day reached 100 degrees F (38 degrees C)
What better place to gather in the evening than around a firepit
. . . well. . . it was also poolside.

The evening began with a no-host mingling by the pool.
That gave us about an hour to try to catch up with many 
friends we haven't seen since the 2012 Tarzana ECOF in March 
or at the last Dum-Dum in Pocatello, Idaho, 2011.

2012 Tarzana ECOF

Pocatello Dum-Dum Idaho, 2011

I think Ginnie Spargur was happy to see Bill Wagner. 
Ginnie hadn't been able to attend the last DD in Pocatello or ECOF in March. 
Phil Normand, in the red shirt, did a presentation early afternoon 
explaining the process of accurate dust jacket reconstruction.
A link to Phil's Recoverings Website is featured on 
all 90 Webpages of our ERB C.H.A.S.E.R Illustrated Bibliography.
He creates excellent replica and facsimile dust jackets for Edgar Rice Burroughs books.


Peggy Adler, Harry, Rudy Sigmund, Ray La Beau, Bill Wagner, Dick and Ginnie Spargur
are some of the folks gathered by the pool.
John Martin, seated to the right, brought his talented and imaginative grandson, 
Schuyler,  to the event (seated across to the left).
Over the last year John has been exploring the catacombs of our ERBzine archive 
to create a daily series featuring 
"The Events That Happened On This Day in ERB History."
This summary of this year-long prodigious project will soon be featured in ERBzine.
Much of John's research on ERB's early days in Idaho appears in ERBzine:

It had cooled off a bit in the evening. 
The last time we all sat out here was 1999 for the premier of Disney's animated Tarzan. 
The banquet was held here, disrupted by a small group of diners off on the patio. 
George McWhorter gave the mangani call to DD, 
which I am sure, could be heard all over Woodland Hills,
to open the banquet. 
There was absolute silence after from the noisy diners ;-)
One of our favourite Tarzan T-shirts features the logo art that 
artist Bill Stout had created for that 1999 Tarzana Dum-Dum convention.

The Years Fly By: We brought our young daughter, China-Li,
to that event - our first Dum-Dum. She has since earned medical degrees 
and works as a Radiologist at Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre.

Off to one side was a group of broadcasters from Toronto, Vancouver, and USA.
They were quite intrigued by our conversations. 
Bill and I went over to chat with them, and we got a couple of them interested in
signing up for our Tarzan yell contest. 
Unfortunately, they were all leaving in the morning. 
Good thing for me as one of the young ladies did quite a good Maureen O'Sullivan yell!
BTW: Sue-On surprised me completely by coming up at the last minute to do a Tarzan yell at our contest. 

I had heard her do it only once in her lifetime. 
She was voted first prize winner in the Ladies Category. 
We then added a Third Category to feature a surprise contestant: 
Jane Goodall, who blew away everyone in the packed house with her authentic chimpanzee yell. 
Hopefully someone has photos of the Tarzan Yell Contest - I was too busy as MC of the event.

Bill Hillman, Camille Cazedessus (Caz, longtime ERB fan and editor of 
the award-winning fanzine of years back - ERB-dom) and John Martin.

DAY TWO: Part 2 will feature the day's presentations and entertainment.




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