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Volume 4012

Franco Grillo ~ Bob Hyde ~ Guiseppi Pazienti

Guieappi Pazienti ~ Mrs. Pazienti ~ Franco Grillo ~ Bob Hyde ~ Christiano Pazienti
Wednesday ~ November 4
. . . continued . . . letters to him and his letters back to me. Guiseppe also translates the English text of the Tarzan comic strips into Italian that Franco publishes.

The note that Franco gave me introduced Franco and asked that I telephone Guiseppe that afternoon that afternoon to make arrangements for us to go out to dinner that night. 

I went out of the hotel to walk around the neighbourhood. It was very complex, very narrow alleys, going off in every direction , not laid out in a rectangular patter. There are many small shapes along the alleys, wild drivers, many motor scooters, also with wild drivers. 

I called Guiseppe at 4:15, who told me Franco would be at the hotel at 7:00 to pick me up to drive to dinner. We drove for several miles to a restaurant and met Guiseppe, his wife, and his daughter Christisano (who spoke fluent English).

I had stuffed pasta for dinner and wine. Got back to the hotel at 12:30, took a shower and in bed by 12:45. I wrote some postcards and set the alarm for 7:15.

Thursday ~ November 5
Up at 7:15 and dressed to go out sight-seeing with Franco. He arrived at 8:00 and we walked for ten miles around the centre of Rome. He showed me many of the old ruins, including the Coliseum, the Circus Maximus, the Mamertine Prison where Saint Peter had been held prisoner, the capitol, and finally, after all the unexpected things that . . . continued . . .


The Coliseum

The Forum
Thursday ~ November 5
. . . continued . . . happened to me "On the Way to the Forum," we did get to the ruins of the old Roman Forum.

One spot in the old Forum (the area of twenty-some temples and statues), has a marker as the place where Julius Caesar died. Someone had placed a fresh red rose on the spot. We also the Temple of Vesta, and the "Mouth of Truth." If you place our hand in the mouth it will be cut off if you do not tell the truth. (Mine was not cut off).

Franco wore me out walking I went back to the hotel room and even fell asleep for a couple of hours. In the evening I walked around the area again and ate at a McDonald's (fish sandwich and chicken).

After walking around the streets after dinner, I went back to the hotel, took a shower and went to bed at 8:30 to read. No alarm set.

Friday ~ November 6
up at 7:30 and ate breakfast in the hotel dining room (small only two tables). I left the hotel at 10:00 to try to find the Vatican (on my own by bus). I had to take two buses, but had no trouble getting there. I went through Saint Peter's Basilica, full of paintings and sculptures. I saw Michelangelo's "La Pieta" (now behind glass).

The Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel closed at 1:00, so I was too late to get in. I did see the tomb (a small gold casket) of Saint Peter in the Basilica.


The Fountain of Travi

St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican
Friday ~ November 6
I went back to the hotel and read USA TODAY about the elections. I went again to McDonald's for a cheeseburger, fries and chicken. Went back to the hotel, took a shave and in bed at 10:00 to read. Lights out at 10:45, no alarm set.

Saturday ~ November 7
Up a t 7:00 with breakfast at the hotel. I studied the bus maps to get to the Alitalia office to check on a flight to Frankfurt on Monday. I found the office with no trouble but it was closed on Saturday. I got on another bus and found my way to the Fountain of Treni. I tossed a coin into the Fountain for good luck. Took a bus back to the hotel. 

Franco came by and picked me up at 2:00 and drove to his art studio/warehouse where he did some work on daily Tarzan Adventure (newspaper) strips. These had been photo-copied on acetate and he cleaned them up and added blacks to artistically have them better for printing. 

We later drove to the top of a high hill (their version of our Mt. Washington) to view the city of Rome from on high. Then we went to the Olympic Stadium where the 1960 Olympics had been held. We walked around the running track, then drove to Giuseppe Pazienti apartment home for dinner. We had lasagna, roast pork, peas and carrots, mashed potatoes, cheese cake and coffee. I gave Mrs. Pazienti a bottle of red wine for the dinner. As with all of their meals, . . . continued . . .


St. Peter's

Franco Grillo working on Tarzan daily strips
Sunday ~ November 7
. . . continued . . . they offered red wine, white wine, whiskey and coffee.

All of them were fascinated with my African Safari hat, and each one, including Mrs. Pazienti, had to wear it.

We stayed until midnight, when Franco drove me back to the hotel and to bed. No alarm.

Sunday ~ November 8
Up at 9:00, with breakfast at the hotel. I came back to my room to read, and then left for a walk around town about 1:00. I found a very large flea market -- a mile long. I saw some old Italian Tarzan comic books (Russ Manning), but didn't buy any. Came back to my room about 3:30 to rest. I went out and found a real Pizza restaurant, that cooked pizza the way it used to be cooked,, on a stone hearth. I had a pizza, with mushroom topping. I then went to an ice cream parlor for a coffee ice cream cone. Went back to my room to pack and to bed.

Monday November 9
Up at 6:15, all packed. I ate breakfast at the hotel and checked out. Franco arrived right on time at 7:30. He drove through very heavy traffic until he got on the Airport Expressway. We arrived at the airport about 8:15 where I checked my large bag. 

I had no trouble getting a seat to Frankfurt, Germany. We left the Rome . . . continued. . .


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