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Sunday ~ November 1
. . . continued . . . hieroglyphics were changed under the Greeks, trying to show that the Greeks originally came from Egypt. Came back to the ship at 10:30 and underway up the Nile to EDFU, docking a 2:30, after lunch (fish). Two more people finally joined our tour. They are both hockey fans from Hamilton, Ontario.

Visited the temple of Horus, very well preserved, and back on ship at 4:30. Underway to Kon Ombo. Took a shower and cleaned up for dinner (again a large buffet). After dinner we had a whole-ship party (170 passengers on the ship). Games were played and some of the passengers dressed up in Arab clothes they had purchased ashore. Party broke up at 12:00 and in bed at 12:15, with the alarm set for 7:40. The ship was tied up overnight at Aswan.

Monday ~ November 2
Up at 7:30, breakfast at 8:00, then off ship to visit temples.

Upon awakening we see the Ptolemaic Temple, which is shared between two separate gods, Sobek and Horus. The lengthwise symmetry honors each god equally and shows the inventiveness and flexibility of the Egyptian architects. A unique experience awaits us as we enjoy a ride on board a feluccva the traditional sailboat of the Nile. We sail to the botanical gardens of Kitchener's Island, named after Lord Herbert Kitchener, who served the British in Egypt for many years, and visit Aga Khan's Mausoleum, a building of eternal beauty, standing on hill with an unparalleled view of Aswan.
Part of the Horus Temple was damaged from an earthquake only two weeks before we arrived. Mos was in good shape, not defaced by later generations as so many other temples have been. I saw three mummified crocodiles at the temple. Again, the temples . . . continued. . . 

Dancing on the ship - Monday Night

Monday ~ November 2
. . . continued . . . had a Greek influence, who were trying to trace their roots back to Egypt.

Back on the ship at 10:00 to sail to Aswan. I had a tour of the ship's pilot house, engine room, and kitchen. The ship has three propellers aft and one bow propeller, all that swivel  -- with No rudders.

We had lunch while underway (steak) and docked in Aswan about 1:30. Left the ship about 2:00 to take a bus ride to Aswan low dam (1905 - British) and then to the Aswan high dam (1960-1970 Russian).

We then took a small boat on a trip to a small island with a temple to Isis. This temple had been moved to high ground, after being flooded for 40 years. Then, another boat ride to Lord Kitchener's botanical gardens, on yet another island.

Sightseeing today includes the High Dam, pride of modern Egypt, the Old Dam, Lake Nasser, the granite quarries where you will find the unfinished Obelisk, and the beautiful Philae Temple, dedicated to the gods Isis and Osiris.
Back on the ship about 5:40. I walked uptown to the Isis Hotel, where I found an artist to paint a cartouche name on a papyrus picture -- "TARZAN," in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. I got slightly lost trying to find my way back to the ship because all the signs were in Arabic. But made it back O.K. in time for dinner.

After dinner, with the other three members of the tour group, we went to the lounge for the evening entertainment -- Nubian  . . . continued . . . 


Betty Mayo - Farnando - Don Mayo - Bob Hyde

Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel
Monday ~ November 2
. . . continued . . . dancers. I joined in with a large group of the tourists to dance also. Back in my cabin at 10:00 took a shower and in bed by 10:45. I read until 11:30 with the alarm set for 6:45.

Tuesday ~ November 3 (ELECTION DAY) 
Up at 6: 45, breakfast, packed bags and left the ship at 9:00 to fly to Abu Simbel. 

A brief flight takes us south of Aswan to the site of the most impressive of all Egyptian monuments, the Great Temples of Ramses II and his wife Nefertit. These remarkable buildings were moved form the path of the threatening waters of the High Dam and reconstructed exactly as they were before. The man-made mountains covering the Temples show us precisely how they looked prior to the move. At the end of the tour we walk up the mountain and see the Temple from above.

Optional excursion to Abu Simbel where you will visit the temples of Ramses II and his queen Nefertaari, one of the world's most photographed monuments. Afternoon flight to Cairo with transfer to your hotel.

After the flight back to Aswan from Abu Simbel we stayed at the airport waiting for our bags to be delivered to us from the ship. Our flight to Cairo left at 4:00 pm.

When we arrived back at the Cairo airport we were met by a tour representative who took us by taxi back to the Ramses Hilton Hotel.

I retrieved my bag from storage that I had left there the previous Friday. Back into a hotel room at 8:00 pm. I took a shower and dressed in clean clothes (finally) and then met the other three members of our group for  dinner at the hotel. Another buffet of many choices. I got back into my room at 10:00 and watched some very early news of the election (still mid-day in U.S.A.) on CNN International TV. It was too early . . . continued . . .


Franco Grillo and Bob Hyde


Tuesday ~ November 3
. . . continued. . . to talk about winning. I re-packed all my bags to get ready for the flight to Rome. In bed to read until 11:30, with alarm set for 5:30 AM.

Wednesday ~ November 4
up at 5:30, turned on TV to learn that Bill Clinton had won the election (It was late Tuesday evening in USA). Had an early breakfast, finished packing, checked out of hotel and met my driver to airport at 7:00.

We arrived at the airport at 7:20 and checked with Alitalia for a stand-by seat on a flight to Rome. I had no problems about getting a seat -- seat #21H (window) on an Airbus 300. The flight left at 8:45 and arrived in Rome at 10:45 Rome time (one hour earlier than Cairo time).

I had a great surprise at the Rome Airport -- Franco Grillo was there to meet me, which I had not expected. He recognized me wearing my "white hunter's Safari hat."

He drove me to the hotel in downtown Rome and then left me to go back to his work. Although he speaks no English and I speak no Italian (just a few words), we managed to get our thoughts and ideas to each other. The hotel is very old (bath down the hall), but clean. When I arrived no one at the hotel spoke any English but Franco talked to them. I had previously written for a reservation so they knew I would be arriving. Franco had a note written in English by his friend Giuseppe Paziento, who translates my . . . continued . . .




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