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Wednesday ~ October 28
Up at 7:00. It rained during the night and still raining this morning, too cold to go swimming today. So, I did some reading, wrote a letter, ate lunch, took a shower, and packed everything -- ready to fly to Cairo, Egypt. Check out of hotel and took a taxi to the airport at 5:15, in a very heavy traffic jam. Apparently typical rush (?) hour traffic. Arrival at airport in plenty of time. Exchanged all my Kenya money to U.S. dollars, gave the leftover to the taxi driver. We flew on a Boeing 737, which was not full. I had three seats all for myself. We took off on time, at 7:30 pm.

At about 10:00 pm we had a stop-over in Khartoum in the Sudan for an hour. I tried to get some sleep, but was unable to get any.

Thursday ~ October 29
Arrived in Cairo about 2:00 AM and was met by a tour guide and driven to downtown Cairo at the Ramses Hilton Hotel -- right on the Nile River. We arrived at the hotel about 3:00 AM and checked in for a room. Not much sleep. 

Up at 7:30 for a city tour. Went to the Citadel built by Saladin at the time of the Crusades. At some later date, a large mosque was built by Mohamed Ali (not the later-day fighter), built of alabaster.

I went into the mosque (without my shoes on.) Next stop was the Egyptian Museum, home of the treasure from Tutankhamun's tomb (only discovered in 1922), . . . continued . . .


Thursday ~ October 29
. . .  continued . . . and other ancient Egyptian treasures. Then to lunch at a restaurant with my guide. I had lamb shish kabob.

I had a silver and gold cartouche made, with Egyptian hieroglyphics spelling out "Margaret." My guide ordered it made somewhere and it was ready at the end of the tour (today).

After lunch we drove out to Giza to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx, which guards the middle Pyramid (of the three large ones). I went into the middle one, through a low (four foot) passageway, into the burial chamber. A different guide took mi in there.

We visited a papyrus showroom, where I was shown how papyrus paper is made. This was really a showroom of paintings on papyrus for sale. I didn't buy any. I was taken to a perfume warehouse where perfume was sold. I didn't buy any.

Arrived back at the hotel about 5:00. I took a shower (dirty and dusty from the Pyramids and the sandy desert of Giza) and went to bed. Set alarm for 4:00 AM for early morning flight.

Friday ~ October 30
Up at 4:00, went to hotel restaurant for an early breakfast, packed bags and took them to the lobby. I had the large bag checked to stay at the hotel until I returned. Finally met the other three members of the tour - Feraudo (from Chile/New York) and Don and Betty May for Norfolk, VA. Left the . . . continued . . .



Friday ~ October 30
. . . continued. . . hotel at 5:15 to go to the airport. We had a 6:15 flight to Luxor.

We landed at Luxor and were driven (new guide) to a ferry boat to cross the Nile to the west bank, while a taxi took our bags to Sheraton Luxor Hotel.

On the west bank we were driven to the Valley of the Kings, where the ancient Pharaohs had their tombs dug into mountains.

Early morning flight to Luxor where you will embark on a memorable Nile cruise. Morning ferry ride across the Nile to the West Bank, the necropolis of Thebes, or "City of the Dead," to visit the Valley of the Kings, Queens and Nobles. Visit the tomb of Tutankhamen, the Temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari, and the Colossis of Memnon. Afternoon horse carriage ride to the great Temples of Karnak, visit the Avenue of the Sphinxes, the Hypostyle Hall, the statue of Ramses II, the Tutankhamen Temple, the Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsu, the Temple of Thutmoses I and the Sacred Lake. Continue to Luxor Temple, dedicated to Amun Ra.
After the afternoon tour we came back to the Sheraton Luxor Hotel for dinner at 6:30. We had no tour manager with us in Egypt, just different guides at each location Some were not very fluent in English. Dinner was a large buffet, with many choices.

The Mayo couple left the hotel to see a light show at the Karnak Temple, but I went to my room, took a shower and went to bed at 9:30. Set the alarm for 8:00 AM.

Saturday ~ October 31
I was awake at 6:30 and so I got up and read USA Today Newspaper form four days ago. After breakfast, I packed everything to be taken to the boat for the Nile cruise. We were . . .  continued . . .


Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Valley of the Queens

Boat docked in Luxor
Saturday ~ October 31
. . . continued . . . taken to the boat -- The Sheraton Nile Cruise Ship "ANNI," at 10:00, but was told the rooms would not be ready for me until 12: 00. The four of us sat in the lounge, discussing the poor management of the tour.

Finally received the cabin key at 12:00 and went to cabin to see if my bags had arrived (They were in the cabin). Ship got underway at 12:30 and we went to lunch (tomato soup and breaded chicken).

After lunch I went upon the top (sun) deck and watched the shore of the Nile go by until 4:15. I then went back to the cabin to rest until dinner at 7:30. Again there was a large buffet to choose from (beef, chicken, lamb). After dinner the four of us went to the top deck to talk We were tied up to the shore line waiting to lock through a river lock at a dam. The ship was raised about 10 feet at about 10:00. The ship then tied up again after going through the lock. I took a shower in a tiny shower stall and went to bed reading until 11:30. Set the alarm for 7: 00.

Sunday ~ November 1
Up at 7:00, breakfast at 8:00. Left the ship at 9:00 to view the temple at Esna.

Morning sail to Esna, dedicated to Khnum, the god who created men and animals by molding them from clay form the Nile. Continue to Edfu, visiting the temple of Horus, the multiform God of the Sun and planets. Sail to Kom Ombo for overnight.
The guide told us the temples were built under direction of Greeks, who had ruled then in Egypt. The architecture and the . . . continued. . . .

Temple of Khnum
Guide "Jimmy" and Bob Hyde

Two Nile River Ships
Front ship is ANNI


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