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Sunday ~ October 25
. . . continued. . . Kenya Safari Club. At about noon we drove across the equator (from north to south). We stopped to have pictures taken right on the line, but my camera was packed in my suitcase. A man showed us the effect of water draining, both north (counter-clockwise) and south (clockwise), and then right on the equator itself, water just drains straight down.

We arrived at the Club about 12:30 and ate lunch there. After lunch I visited the Art Museum and the Animal Orphanage. The native Chuka drum dancers put on an excellent show in the yard outside the Club. 

The Animal Orphanage is a refuge for orphaned and sick animals to be later released into the wild. I saw the rare bongo and a large cheetah.

PHOTO: The Cheetah


Sunday ~ October 25

I came back to my room for a shower before dinner. At 5:30 a maid came into the room and built a log fire in the fireplace (each room has a fireplace). We were up at 7,000 feet, and it gets cold up that high, even though the Club is right on the Equator.

PHOTO: My room at Mt. Kenya Safari Club


The Norfolk Hotel
Sunday ~ October 25
I can see Mt. Kenya (2nd highest in Africa at 17,000 ft.), from my room window. I can see snow on its top. (It is snow covered year round - even being at the equator).

I wrote some letters to Margaret and to Johnny, to be mailed when I get back to Nairobi. I had to dress in my (brown) suit, with white shirt and necktie for dinner at this club. (Only place on the trip.) Had dinner with the group - trout with the head still on it, and a 7 course meal. Went back to the room to read. Set the alarm for 6:30 and turned the light off at 11:30.

Monday ~ October 26
Up at 6:30 and down for breakfast at 7:00, then back to room to pack for the drive to Nairobi at 8:30. We drove on a good smooth road to Nairobi, arriving at the Norfolk Hotel about noon. I made arrangements with the hotel to stay over an extra night.

I diid some hand laundry in the bath tub and hung it near the open window to dry. I had a swim at the hotel pool then back to the room for a shower and shave.

The whole group went to the home of a retired United Nations financial accountant for a very fancy dinner. He is living in a very nice suburb of Nairobi. We had a several course meal -- filet mignon - served by four waiters, plus a woman that dished out the food to the waiters, served outside in a gazebo. His son (31 yrs old) . . . continued . . .


Monday ~ October 26
. . . continued . . . was also at the dinner. He is a computer programmer, who has built his own Personal Computer from parts he ordered out of a catalog. 

This home is in an area of three houses, with a high wall, a gate to enter, and armed guards at the gate and patrolling within the walled area.

We arrived back at the Norfolk a 10:30 and into bed to read. I set the alarm for 6:45 in order to have breakfast with the (departing) group. Light out at 11:30.

Tuesday ~ October 27
Up at 6:45 and went to breakfast. I had breakfast with Noreen, Eric and Lucy. The others had room-service breakfast. I saw the whole group off to the airport at 10:00. I made reservations with the hotel for a "day-room" for Wednesday (10:00 to 5:30 pm), at one-half regular room rate ($80.00).

In the early afternoon I walked into downtown Nairobi and went through the "City Market." This was a building with many stalls, selling beads, bracelets, and wood carvings. I didn't buy anything.

I came back to the Norfolk and went for a swim in the pool. I watched a movie on TV, then went to dinner on the open porch. I had pasta shells with tomato sauce and ice cream. After dinner, I watched TV news and into bed to read. I didn't set the alarm clock.



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