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Saturday  ~ October 10
For dinner I had lasagna (meat and cheese) and fruit cup with ice cream, at 6:15 pm. I bought some post cards, wrote some, and called Johnny (collect) at 11:00 pm  to report what had happened since he called me in Germany. I read and went to sleep at 12:00, with the alarm set for 7:00 AM. I left a note at the front desk for Ann Cassidy (the Tour Manager) that I was in room 324.

Sunday ~ October 11 
Up at 7:00 AM, showered, dressed and went to eat breakfast. Found note from Ann Cassidy to meet in lobby at 9:50 to go to Karen Blizen's farm home (movie - "Out of Africa"), then to a Giraffe manor to visit Rothschild's giraffe in park set up to save them. Did these visits then back to Norfolk Hotel for lunch.

After lunch walked to national Kenya Museum to look around. Came back from Museum, and had a swim at the hotel pool.

After swim got dressed to go to a cocktail welcome party and dinner hosted by Ann Cassidy for Olson Travel. I ate red snapper at the 5-star Hotel Dining Room.

Came back to the room and packed clothes to take on Safari, and other clothes to leave in storage at . . . continued . . .

"There ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them."
. . . continued. . . the hotel, in storage, for our return.

Took a shower, read and turned out the lights at midnight. Set the alarm clock for 6:30 AM.

Monday ~ October 12
Up at 6:30 AM, dressed and went for breakfast. Set the bags outside the hotel room door and went to check-out. The tour troupe gathered together to drive to Amboseli Game Reserve in southern Kenya (100 miles). This is close to the Tanzania border, with Mount Kilimanjaro in sight, to the south, with snow on its top. Last 40 miles was on a trail that could hardly be called a road, dirt and very rough. We arrived about noon, and had a great buffet lunch, at Amboseli Serena Lodge in the Park. At 4:00 pm we left on a game viewing drive of 2 1/2 hours. We saw elephants, giraffe, cape buffalo, wildebeest, gazelle, different antelopes. 

We were in a light-passenger mini-van, with a top that opened to stand up to view, and to take pictures. The clouds over Mt. Kilimanjaro cleared today, so we could see the permanent snow on the peak.

I had a leisurely dinner of Nile pike. Took a shower, went to bed to read, and set the alarm for 5:45, to get up for a game drive at 6:00 am.

My room at Ambosali Sevena Lodge                                                   Bob Hyde and Maasai warrior    .
Tuesday ~ October 13
Up at 5:45, dressed and ready for morning game drive at dawn. I saw hundreds of animals, with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background.

After the game drive, had breakfast with the rest of the group. Went swimming in the Lodge swimming pool before lunch, at the Lodge.

After lunch had a performance of song, dances, and a lecture by a Maasai warrior. Then another game run until sunset. Came back to the room and did some packing before going to dinner with the group. I had turkey with vegetables, carrot soup, pineapple pie. 

After dinner I soaked my left foot in cold water, and into bed a 10:00. Set alarm for 6:00 AM, read until 10:30.

Escarpment wall of Ngovongoro Crater                               |           Cape Buffalo                  .
Wednesday ~ October 14
I got up at 6:00 AM, before dawn. Dressed and had breakfast by 7:00. Packed and ready for the drive into Tanzania at 7:30. We traveled back for 1 1/2 hours on the dirt trail (very bumpy) to the border. 

After going through passport control, and a change of mini-van and drivers, we had a smooth road to Mountain View Resort (at Arusha) for lunch. That is a very deluxe resort.

From there, we drove another very rough trail up the escarpment wall of the Ngorongoro volcano crater (7,500 feet) to the rim, overlooking the crater floor below (2000 feet below). I ate wildebeest (wild game) for dinner. 

Had a shower (in cold water), and into bed to read until 11:00. Set the alarm for 6:15. It was very cold that high up there. All electricity goes off at 11:40. We stayed at the Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife Lodge, on the rim of the Crater.



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