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Volume 4004

Monday ~ October 5, 1992
The Mechanics Union at USAir called a strike for  7:00 AM today, causing cancellations of some USAir flights. Johnny convinced me that I should leave Pittsburgh a day earlier than I had originally planned. I called the Quality Inn Hotel chain reservation number and made a room reservation in Frankfurt, Germany for Wednesday, October 7. I called USAir and listed for flight #816 from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt, GR. for Tuesday, October 6, leaving at 6:15 PM.

Tuesday ~ October 6, 1992
I had to make a quick trip out to West Penn Travel, to pick up the Egypt tour information and final papers which they had just received from Wildlife Safari. 

Margaret Herzog arrived at my home at 2:00 PM, to take me out to the new Pittsburgh International Airport terminal. We left at 2:45 and arrived at the Airport at 3:20. She dropped me off, ,and I checked my bag to Frankfurt.

We boarded about 6:00 PM and, as a standby, I had to wait until all others had boarded before being given a seat assignment. I received a good seat -- #128 on the aisle. Seating was 2-3-2 across. We left the gate at 6:45 (30 minutes late).

Tuesday ~ October 6
As soon as we were airborne, I set my watch ahead 5 hours. So, on German time we were served dinner (chicken with green beans and rice) at 1:45. 

Wednesday ~ October 7
After about 2 hours of sleep, a breakfast was served at 6:40 AM. We landed at Frankfurt, on time, at 7:50 AM, but out away from the terminal building. A bus took us into the terminal.

I found my bag OK, and exchanged traveler's checks to get a taxi to the hotel. First to the wrong hotel, then to the correct one (cost $50 for the ride).

I checked in and went to bed, sleeping about 4 hours. I got up at 3:30 PM and took a shower. Read and watched some TV. Had dinner in the hotel coffee shop (turkey with green beans and rice). The desk clerk gave me instruction on going back to the 
Airport by bus -- (at much less cost). I called Lufthansa Airline for the flight to Nairobi, Kenya, and was told it was good for stand-by. I watched TV news from England, read and went to sleep about 11:00 pm.

Thursday ~ October 8
Got up at 7:30, showered, dressed, and ate breakfast at the hotel (Free Smorgasbord breakfast). Requested late checkout time of 2:00 PM. Left hotel at 2:00 PM, went on tow buses to Airport (cost . . . continued. . .


Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel, at Airport
Thursday ~ October 8
about 8 DM). I arrived at the Air Terminal about 3:30 PM. I received a "stand-by" boarding pass from Lufthansa Air, but could not check bag at check-in. I was placed on the list of stand-bys. I was told to take my bag with me to the boarding gate, and if accepted then bag would be checked on the flight. I found a soft seat, and a baggage cart. Sat and read and rested, waiting for the evening loading time. Went to the boarding gate at 7:00 pm. I did NOT get on that flight to Nairobi. There were many empty seats, but only four out of about twenty stand-bys were picked, due to weight restrictions. I was not one of the four.

I went to the Sheraton Hotel, directly connected ot the Air Terminal and got a room for the night, with a 30% AARP discount. Went to bed and read, but had trouble getting to sleep.

Friday ~ October 9
Frankfurt, Germany
Tot up at 7:30 AM, dressed and went back over to the Air Terminal -- to the USAir ticket counter. They could do nothing about upgrading my stand-by ticket on Lufthansa. Went to the Lufthansa ticket counter where they accepted the stand-by ticket as partial payment on a confirmed (reserved) seat to Nairobi, at an extra cost of $1,115 (or maybe $1638, I can't tell yet . . . (continued) . . .

Friday ~ October 9
. . . continued . . . which, because of the D. Mark prices) (actually was $1553). Anyway, I now have a guaranteed seat tonight.

Went back to the Sheraton Hotel, took a shower, ate lunch (no breakfast) at the hotel restaurant. Checked out at 1:00 pm, then took my bag over to Lufthansa check-in to have it checked on to Nairobi. I sat around the Air Terminal for about 9 hours, read some, rested my eyes some, waiting for my flight, scheduled to leave at 11:15 pm. (Last night's flight, which I didn't make left one-hour late). Tonight's flight pulled away from the gate at 11:25 pm (Friday night) just 20 minutes later than scheduled. I had seat 33A, a window seat (seating 2-4-2).

Saturday ~ October 10
Dinner was served at 3:00 AM (Nairobi time - two hours later than Germany). I selected chicken stuffed with spinach with noodles. After dinner I tried to sleep, but I don't believe I slept. Breakfast (cheese and cold cuts) was served at 8:00 AM, and we landed at 9:30 AM (only 10 minutes late). No one was there to meet me, I called the number given to me by West Penn Travel, but no answer. I took a taxi to the Norfolk Hotel (cost 400 K.S.). Got into my room (#324), took a shower, went to bed at 12:30 pm (afternoon). No one from Olson Safari Tour here yet. Got a message that Johnny called here last night. I set the alarm clock for 4:45 pm, and slept for 4 hours. Got up, dressed and went to hotel restaurant, on front terrace.



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