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The Many Worlds of
Edgar Rice Burroughs Signature
"The master of imaginative fantasy adventure...
...the creator of Tarzan and...
...the 'grandfather of science-fiction'"

Black Panther - Frank FrazettaEscape On Venus: John Coleman BurroughsCarson of Venus: John Coleman BurroughsTarzan and Numa by David AdamsTarzan the Magnificent by John Coleman Burroughs
Tanar of Pellucidar by Paul F. BerdanierTarzan the Untamed - 4 Square - Mortelmans coverJungle Tales of Tarzan Frontispiece: St. JohnTarzan and the Golden Lion - 4 Square - Mortelmans coverFrank Frazetta: A Princess of Mars
Beasts of Tarzan - JapaneseTarzan and the Golden Lion - JapaneseBeasts of Tarzan - TandemTarzan, Lord of the Jungle - PinnacleTarzan and the City of Gold - PinnacleTarzan and the Lion Man - Pinnacle
Frank Frazetta: Tarzan and the Jungle MurdersSt. John - Tarzan the UntamedTarzan and the Lion Man: Jeff JonesPellucidar: Japanese EditionSt. John - Tarzan the Terrible
La Giovinezza di Tarzan a 1953 Italian pulpFrank Frazetta: Luana in Vampirella

Robert Graves' GREEK MYTHSCrouching Lion (by Francesco Benaglia) at Chatsworth, Derbyshire, England - copy of the one by Canova, Rezzonico Monument in St. Peter's RomeLion by Rubens
Reclining Lion - RembrandtRubens: Daniel in the Lion's DenRubens: Daniel in the Lion's Den (closeup)
Lion HuntLion of the mausoleum for Maussolus, ruler of the city Halicarnassus - Aegean Sea, 4th Century B.C, now in the British MuseumAsian Guard Lion
Sabor's Lesson

ERBzine Lion References
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Lion Research
Preservation Station
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Japan (Kyoto National Museum)

Volume 0448

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