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Volume 3784

Tarzan and the Fire Gods
(A major re-write of ERB's Tarzan Triumphant)
 Daily Strips: Art by Rex Maxon ~ Continuity by Don Garden
P1-P162 (25 Feb. 1935-31 Aug. 1935)
162 Strips

ERB's stories were often changed for strip adaptation for religious reasons. UFS felt that "the religious sensibilites of newspaper readers are easily offended." The adaptation of Tarzan Triumphant was so extensively revised that it appeared to be an entirely new story, in fact, they even changed the title to Tarzan and the Fire Gods.

Robert Barrett in his Tarzan of the Funnies (2002 - House of Greystoke Publication - Mad Kings Publishing) stated:
"Their reasons for this drastic revision was to eliminate the use of early Christians as the forgotten people, for fear that religious persons might consider it a burlesque of their beliefs. . . " 

The Syndicate made even more drastic changes in ERB's plot: ". . . to eliminate the Russian plot as a menace, since this had become another controversial subject; and to supply the remaining characters and situations with new and logical activation."

"After reading the synopsis and the first few continuities Ed sarcastically commented that 'it is apparent that you folks have gone Hollywood; that if it is necessary to change the story as much as you have, the title must also be chabnged as well as the names of all the characters because . . . unless this is done it might affect the sale if the novel Tarzan Triumphant.' Ed could not understand why UFS would be afraid to take exception to the Red Menace. . . . "

"William Laas, UFS Business manager, in his reply to Ed, noted that 'it has been our experience that newspapers violently object to any treatment of religion in strip form unless the attack be purely reverent. On the other hand, the second consideration, Red menace, was the result of our experience with Tarzan the Untamed and Tarzan the Invincible. These are two of the continuities which contained the Red Menace. It was our experience with both of these that editors requested us to eliminatf whole weeks of these sequences involving the Red Menace. Their objection was not so much ot the Reds themselves as to the fact that the Reds no longer are considered the menace they were when this book was written. In a changing world, I am sure you will appreciate that just as the word "Hun" has come to mean so little, the word "Red" has been deprived of some of its worse aspects.'  After receiving a list of five suggested titles for the new continuity, Ed chose Tarzan and the Fire Gods.

In response to later changes made to his stories, Ed replied caustically: "I see no advantage in the changes they have made, but let it pass if they wish to make them. We have learned from long experience that anyone can write a better Tarzan story than I." Another noteworthy observation made by ERB: "I read the outline. Personally, I think you've spoiled the story; but what's the use? Motion picture producers, newspaper syndicates, and God have a corner on all knowledge. The rest of us don't know nuthin'."

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Tarzan and the Fire Gods Contents

3784 Maxon: Fire Gods Intro 3785 Fire Gods 1-12 3786 Fire Gods 13-24 3787 Fire Gods 25-36
3788 Fire Gods 37-48 3789 Fire Gods 49-60 3790 Fire Gods 61-72 3791 Fire Gods 73-84
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