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News Coverage from the Idaho Press 
Reporters from the Idaho State Journal 
Conducted interviews with many of the Burroughs fans.
Results of these interviews appeared in the next day's paper.
"Edgar Rice Burroughs fans descend on Pocatello"
By John O’Connell ~ Idaho State Journal ~ August 11, 2011
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Panel A:  "Poetry in Burroughs' Universe"
Professor Stanley A. Galloway, Bridgewater College, VA,
author of The Teenage Tarzan.
Stanley A. Galloway
Stan Galloway teaches writing and literature at Bridgewater College in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He has published seven articles in the Burroughs Bulletin. His poetry has appeared online at vox poetica, Loch Raven Review, Indigo Rising Magazine, Eunoia Review, Contemporary World Literature, Connotation press, Caper Literary Journal, Boston Literary magazine, The Atrium, Assisi: Ann Online Journal of Arts and Letters, and Apollo's Lyre. In print, his poems have shown up in WestWard Quarterly, Midnight Zoo, Carapace, the Burroughs Bulletin, and the anthologies Love Be Write and Edgar rice Burroughs: The Second Century. His book of literary criticism, The Teenage Tarzan, came out in 2010.

Following the 1912 publication of his wildly successful Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs authored four best-selling sequels in quick succession. In 1916, he decided to go back and recount selected adventures from Tarzan's teenage years. The result was Jungle Tales of Tarzan, a dozen short stories bearing such titles as "Tarzan's "First Love" and "Tarzan Rescues the Moon" and which chronicle the events preceding the youthful hero's ascension to "King of the Jungle." The adolescent phase of the character is the primary focus of Stan's detailed analysis in The Teenage Tarzan. The context, themes , motifs, and stylistic techniques of Jungle Tales of Tarzan are all fully explored, as well as the property's literary antecedents and its links ot the various comic book and film adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs' most celebrated and enduring literary creation.


Panel B: "ERB in our Electronic Matrix"
Bill Hillman, assistant professor (retired), Information/Communication Technologies, 
Brandon University, Canada
Editor and Webmaster for and the ERB, Inc. Websites
Content of this video, memorabilia and music presentation will be shown online in later features.

Bill Hillman
Bill Hillman has lived in the fantasy worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs since the days of Lex Barker, Dell John Carter comics and Tarzan radio shows. His own ERB boom predated the Ace/BB/Canaveral arrivals of the 1960s by a decade. his passion for all things ERB was reinvigorated while integrating the power of the Internet into his classes in the mid-1990s. Bill has recently retired from his position of Assistant Professor at Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Since the arrival of the Internet he has created and maintained a dozen Web sites for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. of Tarzana, California. His Web site has burgeoned to over 10,000 Web pages and is still growing daily -- offering definitive articles and graphic features for fans, collectors and scholars.  ERBzine Weekly ( is an online fanzine which uses 21st century technologies to explore and showcase ERB's impact on society, entertainment media, merchandising, as well as countless fans over the last century. 

The Grandfather of American Science Fiction and the Master of Fantasy Adventure: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Still Lives! Visit him on the Internet, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. to see how he still weaves his magic into the 21st Century. 


Panel C: "Whither For Art Thou, BBs?"
Henry Franke, Colonel USA (RET), 
Editor & Publisher, Burroughs Bulletin
Henry Franke III
Henry Franke served as an office int he US Army for more than 31 years, from 1977 to 2008. He is now a Department of the Army Civilian. A major interest since his early childhood hs been Edgar Rice Burroughs and his creations. After a short stint in active fandom in the mid-1970s, interrupted when he was commissioned in the US Army in 1977, he finally became an active Burroughs fan in 1991. He served as official Editor of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association (ERBapa) in 1994-96 and again in 2005, though this second editorship was cut short because of deployment to Iraq. In 2010 he was named George McWhorter's successor as editor and treasurer of The Burroughs Bibliophiles, as well as being elected a member of its Board of Directors.


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